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At the behest of the Wicked Witch, perhaps?

It's just like Sharon Osbourne's ugly sister to go for something straight out of the Franklin Mint for the No 10 dinner table. I bet there's a mirror-effect Elvis portrait on the wall as well and a circus-full of porcelain clowns and a big-mouth billy bass with run-down batteries.

From the No 10 website:

New table centrepiece 'blooms' at Number 10 4 March 2005

A giant silver rose with mechanical petals will take pride of place during future state dinners at Number 10 Downing Street.

It is no ordinary table decoration. Guests will be able to watch as the highly-polished table centrepiece unfurls during the course of their meal.

Driven by water trickling out from the centre, the flower 'petals' gradually lower under the weight of the drops to reveal a gleaming, gilded sphere.

'Principia' is the name of the sculpture designed by London-based sculptor Angela Conner.

It is the final, spectacular element of a collection of modern silverware commissioned by The Silver Trust.

Since 1987, the Trust has invited British silversmiths to create a range of items to go on loan to government houses such as 10 Downing Street and overseas embassies.

Other items in the collection include cruets, cutlery, candelabra, plate rests and bowls.
It will go well with the Ferro Rocha washed down with bottles of blue nun and black tower that the glorious first lady probably served paid for buy defending the scum of the earth


Kit Reviewer
Point taken PTP, I should read the post thoroughly, although I thought I had.
Mr PVRd, was that the edit that you made ?

I shall also have to check out this Silver Trust mob too, I rather fancy a table centrepiece to contrast nicely with the beans on toast.

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