At the Beach

A recently widowed Jewish lady was relaxing on Cocoa Beach, in Florida.
She looked up to see a man who was about her own age, sitting just a few feet away reading a book.
She smiled at him and attempted to strike up a conversation by saying what a lovely day it was.
He in turn responded that it was indeed a lovely day, then returned to reading his book
She persisted, "I just love the beach, do you come here often?"
"This is the first time I've been here since my wife passed away six months ago." he replied then once more began to read his book.
The woman tried again, "Do you live around here?"
"Yes I live over in Suntree." he said, then resumed reading.
Keen to find a topic of interest that they might share, she asked,
"Do you like pussycats?"
The man suddenly leaped up, removed his shorts,...ripped off her bikini pants, then gave her the roughest, hardest and most passionate ride of her life .
Afterwards, as her heartbeat began to return to normal, she gasped...."How did you know that was what I wanted?"
The guy replied .......
"How did you know my name was Katz????"
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