At the Army selection centre do they drug test?

Discussion in 'ARRSEpedia' started by johnsmith1995, May 30, 2011.

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  1. Hello, I know what your thinking.... I smoked a bit of weed now and then and I have stopped, should of stopped a while ago but I was stupid. I know this question has been asked before but so many people said different things. So could someone just give me an answer, I have trained so hard for this and I don't want the stupid mistakes to stop me getting in and I'm worried. I have heard so many different answers on the internet. Please don't judge me, only ever smoked pot, no other drugs ever! Thank you
  2. This has to be a wah... but I'd assume your drugs tested at your medical
  3. I would of thought so but people have said it was just to test to make sure u have protein ect also some people said there not allowed to and some said 100% yes so I really have no idea, I have stopped smoking pot, not that I did it a lot, so i should be fine, it just worries me and I have not heard of someone failing the selection because of it :S
  4. H3

    H3 LE

    Judged ...... no place for you trot on and if its a WHA ...... crap try !
  5. wat do u mean wah? and most people I know my age who have gone in the army have done drugs, hard drugs :S i only smoked a bit of pot now and then? the afgan army smoke pot when fighting, i saw the video on utube
  6. The forces has a very robust policy on drugs, your CO would have a duty to inform you that it is their duty to seek administrative discharge, your not even supposed to be allowed past the selection criteria if you'd admitted to using it in the past, and this is a crap try for a wah
  7. I know its why I stopped, I didn't hurt anyone, I ain't a bad person. I stopped and now want a better life.
  8. H3

    H3 LE

    Oh blub you .... I worked with a tit who did soft drugs , put my life and others at risk .....he OD in the end , tuff shit no sympathy and no respect !
  9. I've heard the Salvation Army is recruiting?
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  10. Hurling yourself off a bridge with some weights around your feet would be a an excellent start, I wish you all the best
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  11. I don't understand how I am putting other peoples lives at risk, I have stopped? so you are all saying because I smoked a bit of pot now and then I should just give up on life? I know so many people in the army who use to do drugs :S I just wanted a answer if the test at the centre, stop insulting me and giving me this crap :S i just want to do or not? I aint hurt no one and I won't be doing it again, ever.
  12. Fixed it for you.
  13. Well your contradicting yourself right there, you won't be hurting anyone or potentially involved in hurting any one during a career in the Armed Forces? Twat
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  14. I said that on Saturday morning too.
  15. why are you on this website at this time :L? Im on because im worried about the army, you here because u dont have a life (Y) mate bit awkward
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