AT T1 & T2 Course credits for Open University

Discussion in 'RLC' started by Needles, Apr 20, 2011.

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  1. Guys,

    Has anyone in the AT fraternity taken advantage of the credits available for Open University degrees? I have looked into it and by all accounts I will have to send in my certificates, which I have, but it also states that I have to send in my academic transcript. Does anyone know if the certifiacte alone will do or will I have to get a copy of the subjects covered and my exam results from the ASofA to satisfy their need. Any quidance is appreciated.


  2. Ryal Signals techs get about 100 points for their T1... I just did all the courses from OU.
  3. You could try the TVO at the School as a start point.
  4. Speak to the TVO at Kineton who can provide you with an academic transcript with all your results on it. This allows the OU to determine exactly what it can count for (credit transfer against 'free choice' or a specific course/qualification). Send this in with the certificate and the credit transfer form for the course that you want it to count for and you should get a answer in 4-6 weeks. You have apply separately for each degree course that you might want to use it for. This is because it might prevent you from studying certain courses with similar content. God knows what this might be (not many ammo-type OU courses that I know of), but those is the rules.

    Put them towards an 'Open Degree' and its all very straightforward - full credit transfer and an answer quite quickly. If you try and use it against a named degree and it's more complicated. You might not get the full points, you'll just have to see what they offer you. First step is to get the academic transcript, then decide exactly what you want to study and put in your application.
  5. Does "PATO Newsletter" still exist? Could be a good way to remind those who have forgotten about this topic.
  6. PATO is very busy writing the trade review!
  7. Many thanks for all of your help guys. I shall give the TVO a bell. Is if still Bruce?