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Discussion in 'RLC' started by 6cats, Nov 7, 2007.

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  1. :? Bit of help needed please, youngest son is thinking of joining as an AT is this a good choice? (other son is a driver RLC) youngest has very good GCSE results & is doing A levels now, any advice from those in the know would be appreciated, thanks a Mum.
  2. Absolutely...

    ATs are some of the best trained and paid soldiers in the Army...

    Rapid promotion and good prospects for Commissioning and/or employment after leaving.

    Currently in short supply and numbers are being built up.

    Go for it..
  3. Thick skin needed, especially once qman offers his advice.
  4. Older son will be p1ssed off when younger brother overtakes him in promotion :)
  5. Would be interesting if Young son was a No1 with old son his No2. :twisted:
  6. Ex RE BD sneaks into the thread

    ... tell him from a crusty old sapper that he couldn't choose a much better trade ... go for it and enjoy the better pay, better career prospects and diversity that being an AT will give him ... and the playful (at OR level at least) inter corps/service piddle taking and comradeship that comes with it ...

    and sneaks out again :wink:
  7. :D Thanks guys, looks like a good choice, No2 son is going for an interview at the recruiting centre next Friday.
  8. An excellent career choice for a bright young man.
  9. In the future, you will probably have to look in the Sappers forum for threads concerning AT's!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  10. reeeeeeaaallllllly..........................?
  11. Yes really, we get a better class of abuse in there :p
  12. qman - you promised not to read any more posts about ATs.

    Think of your blood pressure
  13. Hi 6 Cats, for what its worth my advise is for him to go for it. Dont really know what the trade is like now, but when I was doing the job it was by far the best trade in the Army. Every day was different. Jobs and tasks were varied. Met and worked with a wide variety of people who it seemed were all characters. Job is mentally demanding and almost never boring. If he decides on going down this route then the best of luck.
    Regards Ratso Rizzo
  14. Currently at about 4 Bar due to a bacon butty being stuck in my aorta and a sausage lodged sideways in my left ventricle! The pain gets so bad in my left arm that when I cry it's pure yolk that streams down my face.

  15. Sorry ... sneaked in and didn't abuse you ... sad ole bloke that I am but I'm one of the RE that actually respect and like you guys ... well, most of you anyway :p

    Where's that armless tw@t W******th these days? Tell him 'hopalong' K*v was asking ... he still owes me a beer! :)