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Discussion in 'RLC' started by Big-Guns-Mallone, Feb 5, 2006.

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  1. I see there were 17 AT's on the Board on Friday from SSgt to WOII.
    And I thought we were trying to slow down the ridiculous promotion :?:

    I didnt think we needed 17 WOII's :?:
  2. So how many Sgt's to SSgt do you reckon - 20 plus? Everyone off the next AT course should be able to fit into a Sgt's post. T2 Sgt's coming to your Troop soon.
  3. 20? lets make it 30 :!:

    Fcuk it lets just give everyone Sgt when they pass the T2 cse and give them SSgt when they do the T1.
    If they pass JS as an operator then they automatically get WOII.

    What do you think :?:
  4. "Bloody Hell" Panto/MCM Divs master plan has been leaked!
  5. General Melchett

    General Melchett LE Moderator

    Now now B-G-M. No need to get like that. Promotion boards are a fair and just way of selecting individuals for promotion. (Although if they were all in one unit I think the results may have been different :))
  6. And surely RLC Cse should = WO1! (That should get a nibble!)

    MCM Div can't stop a promotion board leaking, so what chance this plan?!?
  7. Fairs, fair - they didn't just write their own CRs. Anyway with 17, 1 can do a full days work and the others can all do shift work on the other 8.
  8. Maybe theres hope for me yet.

    Well maybe not then. Thought I would beat someone to it
  9. I saw a few AT names on last week's WO2 board that I've worked with over the years, I suspect some of them are even users of this site - if you were one of the lucky few, Well Done. :wink:
  10. Standard stuff, really.

    Some good lads, some ropey selections and the ocassional surprising omission!

    Congrats to those who got picked up.
  11. Heard there is a promotion slot now Charity is leaving HAHAHA
  12. I hear today that there is now an extra WO2 added to the board for WO1. Well done to him. It is just a shame he had to make a challenge for MCM Div to realise a mistake had been made on the original board. Apparently those involved were arithmetically challenged and can’t do simple addition relying heavily on a spreadsheet! Confidence in MCM Div and the promotion board process surely can’t get any worse?
  13. So in the end it was only 8 AT's from Sgt to SSgt. Get your PPP's in early as MCM Div has one hell of a lot of postings to sort out. Silly me, no need to rush with those PPP's as the next excuse will be that they are waiting for the Cpl to Sgt board! Does Larry Grason work at MCM Div with that catch phrase "Gap that post".
  14. You are a fortunate trade in that the quality line is so low! That said some of my bravest friends are your trade, why are you so bitter?

    Explain it, you are amongst the bravest men and women in the Army - no shame there, the Corps is proud of you - nails in fact - but amongst the most bitter who post here, why?