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Discussion in 'Health and Fitness' started by Mr.Bojangles, Apr 19, 2008.

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  1. I've been to ADSC and Passed.

    My question is, when you get to Phase 1 do you have another medical, with like blood tests etc?
  2. whats it matter either way??

    did you hide something??

    are you scared of needles??
  3. Yes. They give you AL-39 injections too. Huge bloody things like knitting needles. Thats to give you the trade mark squaddie bad temper.

    Oh, just me?
  4. you'll an elderly gentleman finger your anus and play with your balls. no, seriously.
  5. Of course. A lot can change between ASDC and you actually starting basic training as it's usually a peroid of weeks or months. It just reaffirms your fit to start training and you haven't gotten the clap since you went to ASDC.

    You will have blood taken from you at basic. They have to so they can take your blood grouping (A-Pos, B-Neg, etc). Also you get a few vaccinations.
  6. however when they have your blood type go get a civi one because mine was wrong!! O-Pos turned to AB Pos. Wine to water my lord!! beat that!
  7. Can't you get tester kits from Boots that do that?
  8. ni idea. i got mine done when i gave blood.
  9. Yeah you have blood test and any injection which need to be topped up. First 3-5 days will be boring as f**k. I'm home now well since Thursday as i was discharged fucked myself over to the point of not being able to serve again.
  10. what did you do?
  11. What did you do?
  12. fucked my feet/legs up. Got up one morning fell on my face. Let me list it off screwed my heels and muscles and ligaments in the sole of my feet, severe shin splints, knee pain and for about a week had groin pain. was on crutches for nearly 4 weeks. Had enough of sitting around to be honest asked to leave and troop commander agreed.
  13. jeez thats harsh, feel for you dude
  14. What's the medical like on the week of phase 1 at pirbright ?
    I have clicky knees (the doctor at adsc said he was confident it was just because of my fitness and training)
    But I've heard horror stories of people turned away at week 1 because of misaligned knees or something.

    I'm scared the doctor will have a different opinion about my clicky knees?