AT or Armourer?

Discussion in 'REME' started by Bennyd89, Nov 28, 2006.

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  1. Alrite chaps, I passed selection in June and i have now been called to ask whether I want to join as an armourer at the end of december or wait until after april to join as an AT. Can someone give me a little insight into the trades and advice on what to do? Cheers, Ben. :D
  2. I presume you are referring to Ammunition Technician. Armourers repair weapons but don't tend to deal with explosives, although I did to a certain extent when live firing with Strikers. A big part of the AT role is EOD. If you fancy that, rather you than me!
  3. Sorry mate should have made myself clearer. Aircraft technician.
  4. If you want to fix weapons, work on turrets and live in lots of different places (Germany or UK) it's armourer for you.

    If you want to fix helicopters in nice neat hangars and live in Wattisham, Aircraft Tech is the way to go.

    I was an armourer for a little while so I'm a bit biased - go Air Tech!
  5. Go and play with your didgeridoo Nige and leave the poor confused lad alone.

    As any fule kno, only homos and speccy twats go Air Tech. Be a real hetero and join the manliest trade of them all - become a cellar dwelling, knife sharpening, devo porn meistering armourer of the corps. you know it makes sense.
  6. I was hoping the Wattisham bit would convince him to go armourer - it should do!
  7. In that case, speaking as an ex-armourer, it's a top trade but if you leave the Army, there's not much call for it in civvy street. Aircraft tech on the other hand could lead to all sorts of stuff. There's also a fair chance you could transfer to the AAC if flying's your thing. Know what i'd do..
    Good luck.
  8. Thanks for the advice lads but I have been told that whatever you do inside you arent going to want to do when you get out, so thats not a problem. Are there any opportunitys for further education inside (open uni courses) ? Cheers, Ben.
  9. Well Benni me lad, there's plenty of oppourtunity to further your education, the Education Centres practically throw it at you, so no worries there.

    As for the choice of trade, if you fancy a challenging, interesting and satisfiying job look no further than being an Armourer. In the last 16 years I've been lucky enough to play with all sorts of kit in many interesting places, and I've loved every minute of it. There's no better feeling than watching targets disapear after you just finished repairing the weapon doing it.

    As for Air Tech's, Helicopters, well whoop de do! Same shit day in day out! And in the same location to.
  10. Benny, Im no fan of Air Techs but as most of your replies have come from Armourer's, who impressively back their own trade - nice to see some pride in a job still, I might be able to shed some light on being a tech.

    The cons are that you will spend longer in trade training and that your postings are limited. At present most of the AAC world is in Wattisham, Suffolk. The AAC is also extremly busy so if you dont fancy doing op tours then you may be disapointed.

    The pro's are that as long as you keep your nose clean you should finish trade training with a LCpl tape and if you are good enough be a Cpl a year after that. You may also get the chance to change trade to Avionincs or Electronics at SEAE after some initial tests (not 100% sure of this but Im sure if you say that you want to change trades then they'll try to accommodate you). If you want to do op tours then you'll get a good chance to see the world!

    help me out on this any BAT's out there!
  11. Benny I am neither an Armourer or AT however look beyond the Army and look at what you will do in the afterlife of the forces. If someone had told me that going down the Tech route would get me promoted to Sgt quicker than any other REME trade i would have snapped the offer up without a shadow of a doubt. Faster promotion means more money, and as an AT you will become Class 1 a lot quicker do this get a few years Class 1 trade under your belt and you have the option to leave with some good quals. Without doubt AT will stand you in good stead to find a job after the Army, all you AT quals will help you find work easily. As mentioned by others Armourers are not that sought after in cibby street. AT's get paid big bucks!!!
  12. Go VM instead
  13. Benny, My impression is that you are just starting out on, what is quite frankly a life-changing career, which many of us are or have enjoyed. My advice for you would, as an Ex REMEs and an official old git (my wife said I was), the following.

    1st you may wish to consider which trade is likely to provide you with the greatest opportunity for when you re-turn to Civvy street after your Army career.

    2nd which do you think will give you the best possible life whilst serving, for example; job satisfaction, life experiences, travel opportunities, promotion/career prospects and exposure to the widest varieties of beer one can sample (very important this one).

    Good luck.
  14. Ive been in today to finalise the deal for armourer and Im going to sign the oath tomorrow before setting off for basic on the 11th Dec. Seems that the travel is better for an armourer and thats what I am most interested in. Cheers for the advice chaps.
  15. well done, welcome to the trade of the gods