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Discussion in 'RLC' started by armadillo, May 30, 2006.

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  1. What is that AT doing getting himself filmed by a film crew, idiot. Seen on TV last night wont say what channel and time. OPSEC prevails, havent we learnt our lessons from NI?
    Nuff Said,
  2. Armadillo,
    Sorry mate you’re about 20 years behind the times. Long gone are the days of IRA ASUs actively hunting down ATOs.
    The only danger now is getting crated or spotted by your boss not wearing headdress.
  3. Got to admit Armadilo that you are either taking the p!ss or really are so behind the times. Its all about selling the trade now as the old attitude cost us plenty of jobs, face time and let the RE become the 'forefront' of EOD. Granted it saved a few lives but times have changed.

    Recommendation - get out more.
  4. Failing the above, Tesco's are doing 32 bottles of Stella for £16.
  5. afore mentioned at will be crated in about 2 weeks when i see him. It's only fair. And i think he should be crated twice, one for not wearing his helmet and two for wearing a "lara croft" style pistol holster.
  6. Somebody PM me with who it was. I have a feeling it might have been the blond bloke who sh@gged his way through the NI Police College.
  7. 32 for £16, now that is VFM, well done tesco
  8. Sainsbury's and Asda do 40 for £16. It pays to shop around. :D
  9. Bonus. You could nexver take the bomb vans on a booze cruise but Sainsbury's is another matter. Anybody know just how many Stella you can fit in a wedgewood.
  10. General Melchett

    General Melchett LE Moderator

    Oi, get back on thread girls.

    Thank you please. :)
  11. Thats the badger, Farms.
  12. Don`t know about Wedgewood, but about 100 crates in a Zimmer, the EFI were well glad, made their stocktaking easier. Did the TV superstar have his tight t-shirt on with the sleeves rolled up......mmm...... Tony B Lair loved that on his visit :lol:
  13. Which one? Was it GAP or the poser normally based with FSANI?
  14. Your last, over. Apparently there had been an explosion in his shirt.
  15. Ah, the brave bomb-hero that he is! 8) I remember when I was in OMA on a scurry and he had just arrived in LDY, his first job was to clear a H83 full of sand on the range and he took about 24 hrs to do it with REST etc. I sent some email abuse on the operator net which he didn't find very funny at all! :x I still chuckle about his bite now! :lol: