At My Wits End!

Discussion in 'Lonely Hearts' started by Mrs_MDN, Apr 12, 2003.

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  1. mmm Rocket scientist needed here

    Not ORG by chance
  2. My little roll of dough........why do you always blame that Ginger plonker for everything?

    Look Darling - from our holiday snapshots - a piccy of you and your precious little jewels - almost damaged.
    Precious LITTLE ....oops ;D
    And one of me on our Honeymoon ;)


    Can there be any doubt it's me, Darling?.........
  3. Not me, would never have stooped so low as to have paid the first compliment (i.e. the letter).

    Now which sick puppy would pay a compliment like that to MDN?
  4. Does MDN have a missus?
    Didn't think anyone would have him  ;D  ;D

    Noooooooooo, it's not me - couldn't keep up with all THOSE demands on me body. :p
  5. Lifesaver

    Mrs MDN learnt along time ago that the way to avoid a slap is to do as she is told when she is told  and only to open her trap when she is swallowing sword ;D

    You would fail in the role as you can't keep yer trap shut and have far too many silly opinions ;)
    [​IMG] [​IMG]
    The real Mrs MDN yesterday, after all her chores were done and about to treat the chap that owns her to a toe jam removal session and clip my toenails
  6. My Dear Lifesaver,

    I think you need to learn the rules I live by to ensure my little - ok, Mighty, Doughnut does not stray.

    Please take note dear, how to treat a MAN.
    I am NEVER disappointed, but sometimes do need a liitle rest..... it can be very tiring succumbing to his every whim and one does need to 'rest' one's bits occasionally, that's why I tried to ask Dr Ruth.

    Here it is Love -

  7. Mrs MDN, if only you were the real one, you fit the bill superbly, Im just frightened that you are a bloke and have the intentions of making it look as though I have an alter ego.

    My money is still on ORG ;D
  8. Careful analysis, sound detective work and a massive todger have helped me unveil the fraudster.

    ORG it seems I owe you an apology, however there is more chance of me telling you I am a homo ;D

    It would appear that the wannabe MRS MDN although there are lots of you is the one and only lifesaver

    The internet is a powerful tool and a tool I have used to uncover your true Identity. I knew from the start you wanted a lump of the donut, afterall why wouldn't you ;D I will do you the honour of giving you a length but thats yer lot, I imagine you could be a bunny boiler.

    If you abide by the rules of your last post, you may be taken on full time, especially if your a bit of totty and not a meltedwellyhead.

    So if you would do me the honours
  9. I've never even spoken to MDN - why would it be me?  :eek:
  10. I see there is an imposter in our midst!

    No-one can cook a rabbit like me. ;D
  11. Whaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaat??

    in yer dreams.  ;)

    Everyone KNOWS ORG is the one for me! ;D
  12. Not enought of Weener boy ORG to hand around, apart from his gut which looks like the EEC butter mountain ;D

    As for chicks queueing, perhaps for the lavatory or the vomitorium after he has removed his socks or pulled the purple polar neck back and revealed a months worth of Edam ;D
  13. At least they woudn't need scaffolding and climbing gear to get over me.

    As fo the identity of Mrs MDN, you will see that a post was made on: Apr 12th, 2003, 8:00pm, as Mr MDN knows, I was, at that time, out of my trolley on Stella, in West Brom town centre, after watching WBA get stuffed by Everton.

    The plot thickens. I personally think that it is MDN himself, trying to convince us that he really has a missus. I don't recall seeing one during my visit, but there was some Thai lady boy who kept asking "can I have my dowwa now massa Chris?"

  14. I always knew Stella was a tart, she could have taken you somewhere private.  ::)