At long long last.....

Well it's finally that time.....

Nearly 12 month on and tomorrow night will be my first night! I have to say I'm slightly nervous which I didn't anticipate.
Good luck to you on the big adventure.

Oh, a big jar of vaseline will help as well for first timers.
The pain will rescind after a couple of days
Sounds like the voice of experience....

thanks for the advice.

One question though....will I need to get a family sized tub or will one of the smaller ones do?
Thought it might be nice to add some sor of question to the thread so her goes.

What's the one thing that sticks in your mind from the first night. Any answers other than being arrse raped as HHB has already suggested....
Death by f*cking powerpoint, mon amis. A two hour bore fest of 'The Army is an equal opportunities employer, but we'd rather not deal with poofters or splitarrses.'

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