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Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by COS1SigBde, Jul 3, 2007.

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  1. "The MoD has been relying for too long on the goodwill and courageous spirit of our servicemen and women to compensate for the increasing shortages of personnel in all three services," he said.

    "The staffing situation has reached the point where there are simply not enough service people to meet levels of military activity planned some years ago - let alone the heightened demands now being placed on them by commitments such as the Iraq and Afghanistan operations."

    Pretty sure I've seen that mentioned a few times on these hallowed pages.
  2. What was the quote, take the 5000 (ish, can't rightly remember) who are currently deployed on ops and add few more, that's how many men the Army is short of. But according to the MOD we're stretched, but not overstretched!
  3. Undermanned, underpaid, under-resourced and misunderstood

    C'mon Gordon, impose some 'change on the military'...oops!, it was him that agreed the cuts in the first place!!

    We're doomed!
  4. proof of the pudding.....

    Hansard - from Jan 2007:

    Army Strength

    Lynda Waltho: To ask the Secretary of State for Defence how the size of the Army has changed since 1982. [116793]

    Des Browne: The table shows the Army total strength for each year at 1 April since 1982:

    Total strength

    1982 163,150
    1983 159,070
    1984 161,540
    1985 162,400
    1986 161,400
    1987 159,690
    1988 158,110
    1989 155,570
    1990 152,810
    1991 147,640
    1992 145,360
    1993 134,580
    1994 123,030
    1995 111,690
    1996 108,840
    1997 108,810
    1998 109,830
    1999 109,720
    2000 110,050
    2001 109,530
    2002 110,050
    2003 112,130
    2004 112,750
    2005 109,290
    2006 107,730

    Notes: 1. Due to the rounding methods used, totals may not always equal the sum of the parts. When rounding to the nearest 10, numbers ending in the nearest multiple of 5 have been rounded to 20 to prevent systematic bias. 2. The figures in the table are the latest published version available. Over the period 1982-2006 it is possible that these figures have subsequently been revised and also that definitions of strength have changed slightly. UK regular forces includes nursing services and excludes full-time reserve service personnel, Gurkhas, the Home Service battalions of the Royal Irish Regiment and mobilised reservists [, less than this then?]
  5. .....giggling suggestively while eyeing up the female reporter o_O
  6. 1982 - operational commitment 1 Bde (Army) plus support to 3 Cdo Bde and Op Banner. done with 163000 to pick from.

    2007 - does it ever stop? Done with 107,000 to call from. Oh and ongoing, not in out and wipe it on the curtains type operations either. so, were we really enjoying 50000 units of slack and not providing VFM then? I don't exactly remember it being like that, does anyone else? (Even if you take into account the Wednesday afternoon sports, KAPE tours and AT) :twisted:
  7. RP578

    RP578 LE Book Reviewer

    Mate, I think you're forgetting the huge numbers tied up in our BAOR commitment, not to mention other odds and sods like the Hong Kong garrison.
  8. The huge numbers tied up in our BAOR commitment were of course used to provide troops for Op Banner and indeed for all kinds of other odds and sods. We were still meeting those commitments (as BAOR or BFG) throughout Grapple and resolute and of course during Granby!
  9. I think Joe Public has something to say on the matter: 1072 comments made so far!

    They have only published 394 - probably overwhelmed...i hope the MoD take note.
  10. RP578

    RP578 LE Book Reviewer


    The huge numbers tied up as BAOR fulfilled our obligations to NATO's European defence. Op Banner had its own two dedicated Bdes (8 Bde in Balllkelly & 39 Bde in Belfast).
  11. Both these Bde’s and 3Bde had resident Bn’s how ever the Rouliment Bn’s came from BAOR and the main land.
  12. RP578

    RP578 LE Book Reviewer

    Standing here corrected. I assumed that those deploying to Banner from BAOR were replaced by another Bn.
  13. its been on the news all day, shame they didnt mention the TA supporting the regs, im getting a bit pissed of with people saying why do TA isnt it just like cadets for adults cnuts!!