At least 20% of teachers feel they aren't respected by the pupils.

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by chocolate_frog, Oct 15, 2011.

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  1. It just means that another 75% are oblivious as to what their pupils and parents think of them.
  2. Or just don't give a ****.

    I see what you did there, very well done.
  3. Waits for the 'soldiers to teaching' mob to appear. Soldiers. Salt of the earth. Good at everything.
  4. Nearly caught me out with it. Well spotted. ;-)

    And there's an unintentional one in there too...
  5. ugly

    ugly LE Moderator

    Well if we had decent teaching to levels of the students not this mixed ability and aspirational crap then we would be moving in the right direction. Laptops cant replace pillar drills and lathes in metal work unless you are a teacher under 45 years old!
  6. Well, over the years we've been called upon to turn our hand to anything.

    I always wanted gynocologist myself, working with cnuts all day I felt I was eminently qualified but they never went on strike... the f4nnies.
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  7. Yes, I know. Laugh a minute, this place.
  8. From the article, meeting with the kids regarding teaching methods? I don't know whether to applaud or face palm.
  9. That'll learn 'em.
  10. Not very good teaching practice to have a blazing row with the students though.
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  11. Perhaps she just had a low flashpoint.
  12. There was a case actually filmed on TV about a month ago, which confirmed this is typical! A girl of about 15 had accused a teacher of using his hand/arm to prevent her walking past him while he was telling her off! Fortunately for him the school had CCTV which proved he had done no such thing!
    Without it he would have probably suffered swingeing punishment, dismissal, placing on sex offenders register et al, she despite being proved to be a malicious liar, I believe, only got a few days suspended from school, hardly fair!
    The Children today are extremely aware of their RIGHTS and all the legislation that protects them, whereas Teachers have virtually no power to enforce ANY discipline, a situation which has lead to our schools being unable to control disruptive children and hence adversely affects those pupils that do want to learn!!
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  13. She ignited their passion for learning.