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Discussion in 'Join the Army - Regular Soldier Recruitment' started by alex83, May 18, 2008.

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  1. I gave my GP the forms I acquired from my local ACIO months and months ago, and I got home earlier this evening (short weekend away) to find a letter stuffed and ragged to bits in my letter box, anyhow... I have to be at the AC office tomorrow (Monday) at 0930 for 'Basic Skills, Numeracy and Literacy Assessments.'

    My question is: Is this appointment exactly what it says, or is there an element of an interview, pass or fail kind of thing?

    To be honest, I'm a touch on the nervous side.

    Time to dig out the suit and find the bloody iron 8O
  2. From your post, it appears that you can spell, use punctuation and speak English.
    Dont worry, you are allready miles ahead of the usual sort that ask questions on here :wink:
  3. you included :wink:
  4. coming from a ball bag i wouldn't lose sleep suits_U
  5. why don't you lose sleep for him? go on, prove your love for him even more :p
  6. Level 3 on both assessments (Literacy & Numeracy), is that any good? 8O

    Interview on the 22nd :D
  7. you saw how many you got right on the print out, correct?

    Show off :wink:
  8. Do you need to do these literacy and numeracy assessments, if you already have qualifications in said subjects?
  9. Bollocks. :D