At Last We Find Out CHan 5 2000hrs

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by Markintime, Nov 11, 2008.

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  1. OK all you Walts, the games up now! Five are going to introduce the real No 2 into the Iranian Embassy.
  2. Since it is going to be on national TV.........ok then I'm Spartacus (and No 2 on the balcony)

    and the Boathouse is still there.................................... :D
  3. It's just started and has said it was the most famous 11 minutes of British military action ever. I'm already cross.
  4. So it wasn't Gentleman Jim McAuley then ?
  5. watching the BBC test card sounds more entertaining to be honest
  6. and so far it has been.
  7. Yeah but just wait till Mike Golden and Gentleman Jim turn up to save the day . You'll all be cumming in your pants . I know I will :lol:
  8. I found it vaguely interesting (yes I was bored enough to watch it, it was better than some medical drama that was on in the other room) the bit that interested me was the story from the point of view of a couple of the hostages (Trevor Lock and Sim Harris) which is a view of this kind of incident I have never heard before. past that the rest was the same as you could read in any book that covers the history of THEM.
  9. I have a friend in TV production who once met Sim Harris on a project. He repeats the rumour that the only surviving terrorist only survived due to the presence of TV on the lawn area. Apparently, having been identified as a wrong 'un, he was about to get the good news when a camera crew wandered in & he was saved since they didn't want the terrorist slotted live on TV. It said he did 27 years, does that mean he's out now?I'm sure this has been done before though...

    Hoary anecdotes aside, McAleese's mustache deserves its own show surely?
  10. To death... I preferred the Lewis Collins movie 'Who Dares Wins' much more fun.

    And aye on the Mexican top lip... that man's tash is a heroic tash if ever there was one.
  11. 11 mins was it , the Charge of The Light Brigade as we all know took 12
  12. The surviving terrorist has just been released, but can't be deported because it will infringe his 'human rights'! So we have to pay for his upkeep here!!

    To this day Trevor Lock has to leave any room or confined area (tube train etc) if he smells the same aftershave as the guy he fought with.
  13. I hope that PC Lock has received treatment for this; that sounds like PTSD which is obvious in the circumstances.
  14. Chris Ryan's Elite World Cops(Bravo)was much more interesting. 100% Walt Porn - I'm loving it! :D

    Now I feel all dirty...and not in a good way... :oops:
  15. I have to admit to watching it and due to the comments from the people actually in there it was more interesting than the usual discovery channel version.
    Loved the 80s footage from the Met showing the team conversing with the terrorists but still sitting smoking fags. Great.