At last, the evidence...

Discussion in 'Int Corps' started by CRmeansCeilingReached, Aug 17, 2006.

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  1. here it is at last - incontrovertible evidence that the "light side" is better than the "dark side" :)

    you will also find that "fences" are 5 times better than "intercepts", "fresh air" is 9 times better than "dungeons and dragons"... that 2 MI Bn is the best one ;)...

    but no matter how i tweak it, "Op Int & Sy" keeps getting out-performed by "OP MI" :(
  2. Are you the cream of the intelligence community, have you nothing better to do whilst at work,

    Neither have I its fun keep losing though

    Mrs A thinks imn hard at work

  3. Unfortunately the Dark Side beats the Dim Side by a rather large margin,

    Hmmm plan backfired methinks!

    CR you beat my IKYN name by loads. We need a league table to find the top Int Arrser in a fight.
  4. Yeah, but...

    Darkside kicks Dimside arse.


    Window Lickers is hammered by Windowless
  5. ....and Glad its all over gets 82,100,000 results. Beat that.
  6. sorry old chap, just whooped you with 243,000,000 :)
  7. You cheating swine. Damn, giao and glad don't even get close.
  8. Sorry to burst yr bubble Big Red scores a whopping 301.000.000,

    Probably mainly porn sites though...........................
  9. Well that was pretty bloody obvious.

    I only scored a poxy 60m, but it was enough to get the job done.

  10. funny thing is fraser, all those 1,800 hits for my name are on arrse :)
  11. Pleased to see someone else is doing it properly and typing in peoples user names as they appear, The rest are cheating :D

    I'd do one on Perivodkandcokechicky but I can't spell him :)
  12. I'm too embarressed to even print my measily score. Both with or without the underscore, I am pathetic.

    I shall go now to my pitiful int sect and cower meekly under my desk.
  13. well, at least we know you're still alive mate. long time no see :)