At last, some good news about British Education

The Skill Force scheme involves former servicemen taking children on outdoor pursuits aimed at building teamwork and self-discipline.

Another teacher from a Rochdale school said: "I cannot overestimate the positive affect that being part of the initiative has had on the group involved.

"All the pupils have begun to attend regularly and their behaviour has shown a marked improvement. Isolations within lessons have fallen dramatically and short-term exclusions are almost nil."

A structured life with well defined boundaries is all these kids need and what other institution in the country do you know that can offer them that in this day and age.

there maybe some strucutre to school life (bells and breaks etc) but there is in noway any forms of well defined boundaries. They are warned about being bad, and when they are, they arent punished accordingly. Even when expelled or excluded, their parent ususally win and they get back to school.

Bring on national service again. :twisted:

agent smith


Agent_Smith said:
Bring on national service again. :twisted:
National Service? No fecking thanks, matey. The last thing I want anywhere near me is a resentful chav with a rifle and ammunition.
It's a pity this isn't offered to all children.

Children, (boys in particular) need the challenge and stimulation of working outdoors in a team. It can be difficult to see how ploughing thro', say, Coleridge, is going to help in later life. Children find it easier to see that these types of activities can be directly relevant to them and it forces them to interact constructively with both adults and their peers.

It doesn't seem to occur to a lot of kids nowadays that there is life beyond a computer/playstation/xbox etc. This type of activity gives them a chance to build self-esteem and develop a greater degree of self-reliance and, if more widespread, would probably prevent many children from getting into trouble in the first place.