At last proper Germans Muslims can fear!

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by armchair_jihad, Sep 15, 2006.

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  1. Neo-Nazis join quiet march to poll victory

    the signs are clear: the far Right is on the march in Eastern Germany.

    The neo-Nazis, picking up an astonishing level of support on the home turf of Angela Merkel, the Chancellor, look set to win a big chunk of seats in regional elections on Sunday. And to make sure that middleclass voters do not panic ahead of the ballot, they have donned camouflage.

    “What did you expect,” asked Michael Andrejewski, the new face of the extreme Right. “That I would beat your brains out with a baseball bat?” Blinking from behind gold-framed glasses, Herr Andrejewski looked as threatening as a maths teacher — unlike the five young men who formed a protective semicircle around their leader. “You’ll be wanting to move along,” said one of them with menacing politeness. One quickly got the point. The slogan on his T-shirt read: “Granddad was right”.

    According to the latest opinion polls the NPD, the National Party of Germany, is poised to win between 4.8 per cent and 7 per cent of the vote this weekend in Mecklenburg-Vorpommern, the lush flatland that borders the Baltic Sea.

    Since most Germans are afraid of admitting that they intend to vote for neo-Nazis, the betting is that the party will easily win the 5 per cent needed to capture parliamentary seats. It will be the second region, after Saxony, to have neo-Nazi members of parliament — a slap in the face for Frau Merkel, whose political constituency is in Mecklenburg.

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  2. One man's neo nazi is another man's republican...
  3. Or a Soldier of God prepared to smite the Heritic, a resurgant Militaristic Germany is just what we need to help battle the rag tops
  4. Aye give um the Frog and Brit Bomb and let them get on with it.
  5. now now Chief we need all of the Allies we can find....after all they won't turn out to be against us in the end like the Muj.....will they :wink:
  6. The only problem is that they actually have very similar aims to the Islamicists regarding the Jews/Israel ie elimination.

    The xenophobia of some neo-nazis/skins in MEKPOM is utterly unbelievable. There have been cases of school classes of German kids from Berlin being beaten up on camp sites by baseball bat wielding thugs because they are "foreign"!
  7. They forget that Hitler supported the Grand Mufti of Jerusalem and recruited Bosnian Muslims into the SS.
  8. They're also forgetting that Germany has very stringent laws concerning nationalism.
  9. Nehustan

    Nehustan On ROPs

    Do you know that what we now call southern Saudi, Yemen, and even arguably over into the east of Africa was once called 'Sheba'. Time moved on from those days, but by the time of Muhammad there were many 'bani Israel' in the Hijaz and further south, even in medina/yathrib. They were in actuality some of the first reverts to Islam. So there are many people within Islam who have just as much right to claim the title of Bani Israel as those who carry 'Israeli' passports. Just a thought but what are the Ismaeli's planning against these Yahoud?
  10. Oh for f*cks sakes. You'll be using words like 'verily' and 'gadzooks' next.
  11. It's just as well then that the new Jewish state wasn't claimed by the Jews themselves then but 'mandated' by the partition of Palestine by the UN. What a pity some people can't accept the UN's best efforts.
  12. Absolutely right, GDav, it was partitioned. A certain area for the new state of Israel and the rest for the Palestinians. The UN resolution never stated anywhere that the Israelis in their new state were empowered to take over the whole of the area and wipe something like 800,000 Palestinians in the process

  13. I really do have to worry about your use of the term " revert " instead of "convert", since it implies a certain acceptance of Islamist orthodoxy, namely that you believe that all people are born Muslim.