At last, lets get rid off the Cr#p, Discuss the white paper

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by bigpab, Dec 22, 2003.

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  1. Is it true the army is disbanding all the jock regiments, the int brief we got is as follows:

    1. The black watch are becoming a CS regiment because they couldnt pass their warrior conversion
    2. The kingos and the QLR are amalgumating so as they can narrow down all the stealing to one regiment
    3. The only good infantry weve got the Gurkhas are going as well.

    Can anybody clear this up for me, and yes I am a medic nothing you can say can tarnish the low esteem my corps holds for its self, I wait eagerly for replies.
  2. I think you may be onto something here.
  3. The rumor was always that it was going to be QLR and KORBR that would be amalgamated. Their TA battalions already have after the SDR and when we were told that we were going to be posted to Catterick arter Omagh we thought that we would be dropped off at the wrong camp, however we have been lucky... Up to now.
  4. The Jock regiments are the Royal Scots, KOSB and the Black Watch. So at the end of it all only the RHF and ASH will be left unscathed.

    Personally I thought all the theiving b'astards from the RHF should have been binned but the thought of them and thier wives on the rampage is too much to contemplate!
  5. And The Highlanders.....?
  6. Bollocks mate. Stick to straping aspirins to foreheads.

    Nothing is confirmed for anybody as yet, however, don't write of the tartan mafia
  7. Ballocks, forgot about them! Bloody sheep-shaggers.
  8. Ventress

    Ventress LE Moderator

    And you forgot the Surrey Highlanders- better known as the Scots Guards.
  9. They don't count!
  10. I heard that 1 RHF have gone on TELIC. Imagine all those mad Glaswegian wives on the rampage in Cyprus without husbands to keep tabs on them. At least a bunch of rear party lads will lose their virginity eh?