At Last! I Have My Very Own Stalker!

So how did you incite that?
J.Smith 1981.

Puppy. Keyboard warrior. Tit.
Probably looks like the bloke that was going to marry the fat one off eastenders.
And lives with his nan.
I'm very open to offering stalking services. My last engagement didn't work out well, something about me pinching a frozen pizza, so I'm back on the market after an extended break.
The guy's some sort of ADHD spacktard nerd walt who hangs out in the computer areas dispensing copypasta'd advice which he always gets wrong. The piss got ripped, blue pop got spilled and the PMs started. I thought it a little unusual for him to go on to declaring his turgid manlove for my avatar pic, thinking it's me.
Just one.



Book Reviewer
I was going to give him an infraction for abusive posts but I feel that he is better served providing entertainment for fellow ARRSES.

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