at last gongs going where it is deserved !


news link refers to tubes workers , emercency services , hospital staff are getting MBEs for service in helping 7 july bombings in London, makes a change from the useless getting them for swanning around doing nothing important.
Congratulations to all of them for a superb job under horrendous circumstances.

Anyone else suspicious about the timing, same day as the vote in parliament?
It is a bit iffy isn't it.

But a hearty well done to those hard working and gutsy boys and girls involved, and the ordinary civilians of all classes , colours and creeds who won't receive an award today , but still rolled their sleeves up and delivered first aid and comfort to the wounded and dying , and then melted into the background not seeking special recognition or recompense for doing what they saw as their civil duty.

We should remember those ordinary people too.
Not wishing to be a party pooper and before I start yes they did a very good job in dealing with casualties, evacuating and the like, and yes some of them were off duty, I will not take that away from them, but essentially they were doing their job, granted under a differing climate than what they are used to.

I watched Breakfast with Frost a few weeks ago and he was interviewing a crusty old bloke (cannot for the life of me remember his name). The subject was awards, oh how right he was, remember the entire cricket team with the exception of Vaughan, (who got the CBE I think) they got the MBE just for winning a fecking game of cricket, God forbid if the England football team win the World cup, knighthoods all round. His case was that the awards, especially the MBE had become devalued over the years and how right he is.

I just think since the cease of the BEM the whole awards system has gone to pot, the MBE is becoming less valued and to those people deserving of it, the people who give up their time to help others, the only reward they get is self satisfaction, these are the people who blend into society unnoticed, they never want thanks or reward. I am not one of them, just for the record.

I could go on but why should I, I do my job very well, my reward is my wage at the end of the month and another months guaranteed work, I am happy.

So why don't we just give every service person an MBE and get it over and done with, after all we do our jobs in difficult climates, ah but we are to expect it are we not.

I am sorry this has distracted away from the point of the thread, but it had to be said, and I said before I take nothing away from the people involed in the sharp end of the London bombings, well done for carrying out your jobs in the utmost professional manner in a difficult climate.
Congratulations to them all and I hope they have their special day at the Palace.

Personally I think the award of the MBE was a cheap stunt by nuliabour.

The appropriate awards should have been QGMs, GMs and GCs, there are also police and fire service medals for bravery: if the action warranted these and the govt could be bothered to do it properly I think they would have been worth having - i.e., if their departments had recomended them rather than the govt imposing them. These MBEs are a propagandist stunt by the govt and are both insulting and patronising to the awardees.
Along with Brown's new found enthusiasm for veterans and serving soldiers.....yeah right!

He starves the Forces of money etc and then has the gall to claim he is our friend?

Well done to the emergency services etc - shows when the chips are down they DO perform. Bet the senior managers were no-where to be seen though apart from on the telly....
The Additional award of the MBE etc. was associated with gallantry not on active service. Felix had a bit of a monopoly on them. These are the ones with silver oak leaf on ribbon. Most people recognised them as different to those MBE etc which came up with the rations e.g. cleaner at 10 Downing Street who made sure the step was clean for 20 years got MBE from Wilson.The Additional class was discontinued about the time that QGM came in. Issue of standard MBE etc to those who displayed gallantry does seem rather paltry. However, I'm sure those who get one will be very proud and will value it. If not, they have the option to say No Thanks. Attitudes pre- an award change after the letter comes. Even after all these years I know where my additional medal is right now and I'd be happy to have it on my pyjamas when they put me in the box.

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