At last a use for the boathouse

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by re-stilly, Jan 4, 2012.

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  1. Hereford flooded. At last Them can get some use out of the Boathouse.

    Linky story bitty
  2. Loving the road-sign. Just on the off-chance that someone might not notice that the road is submerged under several feet of water.
  3. SAS will be asking the SBS to loan them some inflatables.
  4. No doubt some enterprising soul will advertise underwater knife-fighting courses. :)
  5. Wish you would get it right
  6. Well that takes care of the advertising then
    I thought £150 all in?
  7. Any hope of the entire city getting washed away?
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  8. Have you noticed some of the gormless bastards that have driving licenses?
  9. Untitled.jpg
  10. as far back as i can remember the wye used to burst its banks every year
  11. That's just the King George's playing fields inside the (Very expensive and VERY nice) flood defences.

    Non story.
  12. Happens every year, God knows why it's made the news...
  13. used to put stop to the fishing lol
  14. Don't know if I (or anyone else) has posted this before, but for future reference...

    Hereford Rowing Club
  15. Thankfully the real boathouse has been moved to London to guard the Sports Day events in July.