At last, a Brit I agree with!

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by Corporal, Mar 4, 2008.

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  1. Pat Condell. Atheist comedian and all round good bloke. Plenty of his stuff on youtube.

    You septic nonce.
  2. Corporal im guessing you are a septic with an inferiority complex against the perfect race?

    And yes this guy speaks sense everything he said on this video makes total sense and is what most of us think.
    "Here in the UK we have a technical term for this its called "taking the piss" haha :)
  3. His avatar is the Insignia for a USMC Corporal, a species not known for it's problem solving skills, so allowances must be made. :twisted:
  4. It's called comedy mate - like this:

    How do you confuse a Septic?

    Stand him in a barrel and tell him to p1ss in the corner.
  5. I agree with it but I don't think its funny or comedy: its what most think but the complete opposite viewpoint of those who make the rules... :twisted:
  6. Some real views!
  7. did they ever get out of the stone age!

    lets hope this mosque doesn`t get built,we have enough ugly buildings already in london without this waste of space building..

    the(soon) olympic building/the london eye and whatever the idiots decide to plonk up next!

    londons a s*it hole anyway so i guess they could build whatever they want as it wont ruin anything that hasn`t already been ruined!
  8. "This is my rifle, there are many like it, but this one is mine....." :lol:
  9. Never heard of him or heard him beofre... but I like him :D :D
    Pity he isn't on the telly or on radio.
  10. Skypilotuk, He ain't a Harry Hoof or part of a stupid double act from Geordieland, so there is no chance of him getting on the telly.

  11. Yep, choke. Sorry to say that you're right.

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