AT exped to Corsica

I'm leading an AT exped to hike to GR20 in Corsica in November. Thought I'd post this to see if anyone has an experience or advice to share regarding camping / logistics etc.

I helped arrange an AT trip to Majorca when i was in the factory.

Decide what it is you want to do.
Decide on how much you are willing to spend (don't assume everyone has the same level of disposable income as you).
Do a quick search for accom on internet
Do a quick search for travel costs, (and any insurance costs etc)

Set a date

Split the planning/organisation down into manageable tasks, and delegate. It gets everyone involved.
There are some nice castles and forts and what not to look at. The GR 20 gets a bit remote at times as you go over it. There are some brilliant places for R&R, I´ll dig out my phots and diary.

Stay away from 2eme REP, they might recruit you! :D No seriously, they have an RP station in the Fort, well away from the camp. They just pop out of nowhere.

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