AT Equipment Request Declined - Any Solutions?

Assistance Requested
I’m sure there are far more experienced people in the world of Adventurous Training than me and I’m therefore calling upon you for your support. Perhaps you could provide some wisdom or advice towards a solution on a recent AT issue, which I’m sure you will have faced in your career. I’ve recently been tasked with reviving a skiing trip as a result receiving news our equipment bit was declined. In short, I’ve not been able to source clothing or technical equipment from Loan Pool Stores. Does anybody have the solution for where I can source clothing and technical kit at short notice without costing the earth?
Where are you going? If it is Germany could you not try and borrow from the British Army Alpine Centre in Obertsdorf. As they are coming to the end of their ski season it may be a goer!! Sorry but I do not have contact numbers.
Have you spoken to any of the local Bn's? Some larger Unit's may have accrued their own AT equipment over time. Maybe worth a phone call to the QM Depts.
Thanks for your swift responses. Our destination is Les Arc 1800, French Alps, so perhaps the British Army Alpine Centre in Obertsdorf is a little out of the way. However a solution is a solution, so I will investigate this as well as local units. Both have low cost implications. Unfortunately, Bicester were up able to support our ex. Has anybody previously tried and civilian companies with any success?
Can't remember the details or name... I'll check when I am back in the office. Can't remember if skis were available or if it was just he clothing.
Thanks. What size was your group when you used Sub 32? Was there anything you particularly like or disliked about their service? What was the feedback from the lads?
Has anybody elses used this company?
50 odd. they've been used in the past... pretty much annually for a few years. I've never used them myself mind. They can come to you to try the kit on and you hire it there and then.

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