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Discussion in 'Sports, Adventure Training and Events' started by greengoblin, Mar 13, 2007.

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  1. Hello to all you lovely people out there who are going to help me. I want to organise a Sub Aqua trip to Belize but I really need to find an overall OBJECTIVE for the trip to clear it with LAND

    e.g. marine reef survey or specific site dive.

    If anyone has done a trip like this before please help as I need to get the objective before I can start doing anyhting.

    Thanks again
  2. This may not help with your objective but if you get really pushed you could try it.

    Do a study on which breeds of fish will readily feed on your aqua dump, therefore promoting their chances of survival in a delicate environment.

    An aqua dump is where you wear a scuba mask or goggles, then dive to whatever depth you are comfortable with, drop your shorts and squeeze a log out...... then watch the pretty fishes fighting over your lumps.

    Just don't attend the fish barbecue the same evening.
  3. Thanks for your prompt load of crap. Go back to the NAFFI bar where you belong, you teet.
  4. I know the Natural History Museum in London used to do a lot of insect studies here inland, particularly the research station down at Las Cuellar.

    Maybe they could give you a lead/link within anyone working out here.

    There used to be an adventure training centre on one of the cayes, maybe you could base yerself there?

    Hit me up if you need any local info okay.
  5. Sent you a PM