AT Avatars

Has anyone noticed how increasingly difficult it has become to identify individuals from their Username and Avatar?
Another BlondeBint conspiracy theorist :lol:
Anonymity is the name of the game here. If you would like to know who an individual is, PM them and ask.
I agree. Your disguise has been particularly difficult to penetrate.
cheers cabbage. You got it....
p.s. cabbage. How come you're a "swinger" already?
It's all to do with what me and my wife do on monday nights.
Ah, nice to see you, Borderer and the Boy Cabbage. If we get any more of you lot on here, you'll be forming clans and painting half your face blue.
And if we get any more of your lot we'll have to call ourselves the ARVN.
Oh dear this is a:
fatblerk said:
Should have thought mine was quite obvious. Naff point really
Well you can be quite elusive really! Some may think you've called yourself 'Fatblerk', as a decoy away from your sveltness! 8)

And they may be right! :?
I really dont think that anyone should get hung up about this, who cares if people know who you are or not?

I suppose it is fun to keep people guessing though.
If your not bothered, it begs the question - why did you?

:roll: 8O :roll:
I know! instead of Avatars why don't we just give ourselves a three letter code that is only known amoungst our closest friends, We could secretly place the code on all sorts of items, say ammunition boxes. I have for years! I use AES and no shit has come my way as a result. You can use it too... especially on any dodgy boxes.
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