AT/ATO requirements, and a few general questions

Discussion in 'Join the Army - Regular Officer Recruiting' started by RJM, Oct 20, 2011.

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  1. RJM

    RJM Swinger

    Hey all,

    I want to be an Ammo Technicial Officer(ATO) and I am faced with a few hurdles that must be jumped before I can get there:

    1. I am a college graduate, only just though, I have 3 A-levels, 9 GCSEs HOWEVER my ucas points if you only include complete A-levels does not meet the 180 requirement to become an officer, if I add some extra AS grades then I can make up the difference, but I am unsure as to whether that is allowed or not?

    2. I have mates in the army and the term Rupert gets thrown around a fair bit, I know what it means an I am not sure that is who I want to be, any advice on that front?

    3. The careers advisor told me that to be considered to become an Ammo Technician and/or an ATO requires nothing but the best performance on the ADSC, I was wondering if anyone could give me the spacifics of the tasks and what I will need to achive.

    I am aware there is alot of gaps in my knowledge, which is part of the reason I am here, I will apologise for any innacuracies in this post
  2. tbc

    tbc Swinger

    Speak to your Army careers advisor, and ask him to organise a FAM visit with the Royal Logistics Corps, they will hopefully answer all your
    Regarding your UCAS points, speak to your ACA. Hope this helps.
  3. I went to the AFCO and was told even with my measly 220 UCAS points and 12 GCSEs I would never make it as an Officer, the competition is too fierce these days, only a degree will stand you in good stead with being an Officer, or so I was told. Pretty happy with that seen as soldier entry suits my personality more!

    I am joining as an Ammo Tech on the soldier level and extremely happy, passed ADSC and have my next interview to look forward to.

    Read this thread/use the search function:

    Good luck!
  4. As far as I am aware, you're UCAS points have to be from 3 complete A-levels (excluding general studies), may even be 2, ask at the AFCO. I think the typical 'Ruperts' were that way before Sandhurst, take the banter for what it is and act how you would want your officers to act. To get top marks at ADSC, you will need a solid run time. Each regiment or corps has it's own minimum run time, and I think ammo tech is 14 minutes, but anything over 10:30 and you're not getting an A, trust me on that. The TST is GCSE maths so brush up on that, with A-levels you might think you will boss it but there will be questions on there that catch you out. The strength tests are nothing major if you've been training. I'm not enlisted yet so feel free to disregard all that, but have a serious chat with your recruiter, probably the only one that can give you sound advice
  5. Also, don't say college graduate. Nobody graduates from college, except the Americans
  6. RJM

    RJM Swinger

    Cheers for the help fellas.
  7. RJM

    RJM Swinger

    Also I was shocked to discover that kids these days have a "Prom" at the end of "high school" and not a school disco at the end of year 11 :p
  8. Sadly, ours was also called a prom, as it was at the end of 6th Form. I'm ashamed to say we all wore 'tuxedos' and got stretch hummers. We all have our crosses to bear