AT at the Nuffield Centre, North Wales

Evening all

I am interested in peoples experiences of staging an AT week from this point. What's good to do locally? Is the sailing/walking/kayaking any good?

What kit/instructors have they got.

I presume you mean HMS Indy? Mate, its North Wales! So there is plenty of top river running, sea kayaking, climbing, mountaineering and mountain/hill walking as well as MTB.

They have plenty of kit, its a joint services adventure training base!
Nuffield Trust Centre is on the site of JSMTC (I) or Indy as it is often called, however is a seperate organisation in most ways.

As far as I know the NTC is all about providing Very Cheap accomodation fpr people either doing AT with their mates, staying in a family room or doing ATG approved L2 AT.

JSMTC (I) runs courses which you apply for such as KFC, MLT etc.

NTC does not have any kit as far as I know, you either need your own or apply for it from loan pool when you submit your JSATFA. JSMTC (I) will 99% of the time not lend you their kit.

Spk to your unit RATO or QMSI for more info.

Finally N Wales offers some of the best and varied walking, climbing, MTBing and paddling in the UK all within a realtivelly short distance of each other.

I may be out of date as it has been a couple of years since I have been to the NTC but this link should help:
Brain is mostly right. But the key is that the Nuffield Centre is ideal for families and couples. No kit available so Loan stores is the answer.

Just down the road however is what I think is officially "The Guards and Artillery AT Centre at Capel Curig. If you are organising unit trips this is the place to go as it is free. Come with your own instructors and life is easy. They do have kit available for Walking, Canoeing and MTB, not sure about climbing as I haven't used it for that. The kit is issued on a priority basis with Gds and Arty at the top of the list. Sorry I don't have the contact details anymore but I think they're on ArmyNet.

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