AT and signing off

Does anyone know if sining off will affect my odds of getting on AT? I've got some bids in for skiing next year but am planning on signing off, the skiing trips are still 'under review' so don't want to make the 5 magic clicks until I know if I'm going or not. And if it will stop me being able to go, I wont sign off. Any info would be good thanks chaps.
I rarely do this, but lol...
It would probably depend on whether your COC like you or not, why would they take you if you have shown that you are no longer interested in working in the Army when other guys want to go and are committed. You cant expect to get AT if your signed off unless you have something they need i.e an instructor qual, although they may take you as a gesture of thanks to your services IF you are liked and respected! Very few people get to have their cake and eat it.

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