AT Advisory Board? Trouble with a question...

Well I presume Im allowed to do this since it is a research task and all that but Im having some trouble with 1 of the questions.

'What are the numbers of the two "B" class roads that meet in the centre of the village of Kineton?'

I have check a number of road maps, internet maps and even older maps to see if a road was declassified and still nothing. Have tried the other village Kineton near Cheltnam and none their either, just wandering if anyone can shed some light onto this for me?

Many Thanks,
My friend Pse tell me this is a Wah!

As I was having a quick coffee break took two sec on google while the kettle was boiling.
Nope checked everywhere, this is a point to the North West where 2 meet but it says centre of kineton village. The road coming from the north is a B road untill it hits the motorway and then becomes a normal road.
Yeah bigred pm'd me a map where you can see it does go through kineton although multimap shows it ending at the M40 and so does the 2007 AA Atlas but think it is meant to be.
I thought ATs were supposed to be at the brighter end of the Corps. If you look at Multimap, you can follow B4451 from the north through Kineton and on to the south. The number is shown on the north of the M40 and then again just south of Kineton. It is quite reasonable for most to deduce that a road number to a north of a town and then being displayed to the south of a town, leads through it.
Yeah and in my defence, the road is no longer a B road. When the M40 was built it was downgraded (or whatever roads get) and became Southam Road into Southam Street that runs through Kineton hence that the road through kineton is not officially a 'B' road.

Perhaps AT's are supposed to be at the brighter end, hence why I ask'd the question since in theory it is Southam Street that goes through Kineton. The B4451 stops at the M40 and starts again at the A422.
Which fool has asked you this question? It has nothing to do with being and AT.

Are you sure you didn't enter the Geo Survey room by mistake?
He's absolutely right, it's one of the questions that was on the distance learning pack I did a couple of years ago for ATCAB

I suppose it's meant to show research skills or something..
Just whats wrong with getting your arse into the army doing 2 weeks at the school and if you pass well done and if you fail then I am told that being a staff clerk was not a bad career choice.

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