asynchronous computer-mediated conferencing

Discussion in 'Sappers' started by Clerk_of_Jerks, Sep 30, 2006.

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  1. I have just started reading the notes to a course I am doing and apparently using a Forum (such as this) is called:

    'asynchronous computer-mediated conferencing'

    Has the world gone bl**dy mad or do we have to use four words instead of one.

    Your thoughts.......
  2. "CONE-HEADS" normally use more words than are normally needed just to try & confuse the situation even further, don't they :?: 8O :?: 8O :?: 8O :?: 8O
  3. Technically, you cant fault the description, however it does overcomplicate things a tad!!

  4. Bever heard of the 3B's

    Bullsh1t Baffles Brains

    'asynchronous computer-mediated conferencing'

    Is a perfect example. make it sound complicated and they wont ask too many questions.
  5. Fair play though it sounds like a reet interesting course :roll:

    [shoves pile of coursework out of sight :D ]
  6. We should be used to it by now though.

  7. Don't complain, I have to live with it as part of my civvie job. IT support Engineer. :frustrated:
  8. Self inflicted, no sympathy :D
  9. but the winning word is CIVVIE.