Asymmetry in pushups

Discussion in 'Health and Fitness' started by fairygothmother, Apr 23, 2012.

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  1. I have been having trouble with assymetry in my pushups. My left side appears stronger than my right side, despite being right handed, which results in my constantly twisting my body when doing pushups. As far as I can tell, the issue is in my shoulder area rather than arms.

    More pushups does not seem to help as I'm already pushing towards 300 club results on a PFT, so I'm guessing it's technique or something more fundamental. Does anyone have any suggestions for changes in technique or some exercises I could do to try to even things up?
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  4. Try raising one hand during press-ups, or having one hand further forward than the other.
  5. Which hand should I move forward? The weak side or the stronger side?
  6. I honestly can't remember - I normally do it swapping half way through as my arms are about the same!

    I think it's the one closer to your feet that gets the lion's share of the lifting, so that's where the weak one should go - but try it and see, you'll soon work out which is which!
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  7. WIll give that a go, cheers.
  8. Try bench pressing with free weights using individual dumbells rather than a long bar. This ensures that each side is lifting the same rather than allowing one side to lead. Concentrate on good form and control rather than speed or max weight. Have someone look at your press up positioning to ensure you are symetric and not "on the tilt".
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  9. If you think your issue is weak shoulders then try doing some shoulder press with dumbells in the same way as mentioned above.
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  11. There are several ways that you can change your push up technique, wide arm position, narrow arm position, using press up stands which you can buy from somewhere like argos, you can also isolate or get a better technique on one side by pushing up with one hand on say a football with the other on the floor as normal. However, good technique is everything, it's no good doing large numbers if your technique is off. Why not try going for lower numbers but do them slower and concentrate on the finer points of your technique like maintaining an even movement.
  12. Slow the exercise right down and concentrate on control. It may be an issue with your core as opposed to your shoulder. Make sure you get full movement from your arms (ie your press up takes your upper body from chest nearly touching the ground to arms fully extended), basically a perfect press up, not like half the dross you see on any given PFA. Liek Ivan said, try mixing the press ups up, use different hand positions, varying levels of stability, one hand on the ground one on a box, etc.
  13. I've got a similer problem 6 years after a left elbow rebuild. the right just takes the strain.

    I solved the problem by developing some ninja arthritis in my right wrist and thumb. Worked very well