Asymmetric warfare, terrorism, and Daesh.

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Resasi, Jul 26, 2016.

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  1. Considering that Putin is probably responsible for the domestic terrorism attacks known as the Apartment Bombings in 1999 that he used as a pretext for the second Chechen War.

    Considering that Putin's power base is St Petersburg.

    Considering that Putin wants to maintain his 99.999 per cent approval rate...

    I predict-
    Some dimwit Central Asian Muslim patsies will be arrested and "shot trying to escape".
    That the FSB did it themselves.
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  2. Predictions being like noses. Most of us have them.
  3. Well, wait and see.
    If I am right, some half witted Muslims will be arrested/blown up 'while resisting arrest'.
    Followed by arrests of 'the usual suspects', closure of opposition media, etc.
    All absolutely, routinely authoritarian dictator power politics.
    I wouldn't go around holding Vlad up as an example for that.
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  4. I'm sure the expression is 'opinions are like @rseholes, everyone has one'.

    Everyone has a nose and some people's predictions are more educated than others, so that's a particularly stupid expression.
  5. Hmm. The dim duo tag-team again.

    As was the opinion, and you, ‘sophisticated' enough to use the expression you seem familiar with, and area you seem obsessed with.

    They are indeed typical reactions for that part of the world, and actually, ‘Vlad is a perfect example for that. And if, as you so kindly put it, 'some half witted Muslims’ , are foolish enough to try it in Russia, they may get short shift.
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  6. The Singularly Fixated one returns.

    You seem to have (as usual) missed my point that Vlad is not only able to use a minor incident to justify ramping up opppressive actions in the run up to a rigged election, but is also more than capable of MANUFACTURING an incident.

    Anyway, they have arrested a suspect, and it has all gone quiet, so it was probably a Russian Christian criminal and the problem of blaming IS may have gone away.(Unless he converts to Islam while awaiting trial...)

    EDIT- A chap called Dmitry Lukyanenko has been charged In the last few hours. He appears to be a Russian nationalist terrorist. -should they be given 'short shrift'as well, considering most if them support Vlad?

    In your world view, and this is one in which you have admitted that you have no idea about the multiple facets of Islam, the Muslims equals BAD. By extension, any who argues otherwise is also BAD.

    All I am trying to do is point out that this is simplistic, shallow and won't allow you to understand what is going on.

    Simply being lazy and deciding that all Muslims are the turban wearing bogeyman under the bed won't allow us to come up with ways to stop them doing harm without going down the roads that end in camps and mass graves.
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  7. You are really bone Hector.

    Have been immersed in the spiritual heartland of the religion for nearly a quarter of a century, and probably had more exposure and understanding of this particular religion than you.

    You are correct in that I do consider it an intolerant, and in many aspects a backward religion. It does not mean that I think every Muslim is automatically bad. Your generalisations are simply a reflection of your own personality.
  8. It has been heartening to see Christmas and New Year pass peacefully despite the threats that were made.

    There are returnees, one hopes with a different perspective of what the ‘promised land’ was, and gave the world.
    Over 400 Isis jihadis have already returned to the UK
  9. It's almost as if IS say any old crap to keep themselves in the news and newspapers say any old crap to sell units and monomaniacs listen to any old crap in order to peddle their monomania.
  10. And IS was a figment of everybody’s imagination.
  11. No. People looking at Iraq for the last decade have been following the evolution of the group's which eventually became of IS and the conditions in Iraq which ensured that a group like IS came into existence.

    What that doesn't mean is that we have to collectively sh1t our pants over the threat from IS just because the Mail can't resist rebroadcasting IS media every time they publish something predictably controversial.
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  12. I make a comment that things seem to have been going well and you leap in to attack?
    You are rather a simple chap, and, a tad naive. Someone else who has led the watch, and fight against terrorism in the UK does not seem to share the rather simplistic/optimistic view you seem to show.

    Assistant Commissioner for Specialist Operations of the Metropolitan Police Service. Concurrent Chair of the National Police Chiefs' Council Counter-Terrorism Coordination Committee, National Lead for Counter Terrorism Policing is Mark Peter Rowley

    Previously Chief Constable of Surrey Police then Acting Deputy Commissioner of the Metropolitan Police between February 2017 and April 2017. He, with all the information he has at his disposal has made a number of fairly specific warnings and it not the Daily Wail that these reports come from.
    AC Mark Rowley discusses the threat of terrorism
    NHS not doing enough to help police prevent terror attacks, warns Met's counterterrorism chief
    Isis planning 'enormous and spectacular attacks', anti-terror chief warns
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  13. I don't think anyone has said that there isn't a serious threat from terrorism, so I'm not sure what you're trying to achieve with your latest round of spamming.

    Anyway, on the subject of combating the threat from terrorism, did you read the link that I gave you on the government strategy to defeat terrorism? I'm guessing not so reshow having read it.
  14. My ’spamming’ are simply responses to your attacks, and flip flops.
    But then when I posted the warnings from the head of anti-terrorism, then all of a sudden its...
    So what exactly is it, a serious threat, or you objecting to being warned about threats?

    And incidentally none of the reports quoted by me were from the Mail.

    There have been a large number of ongoing reports and opinions on Government strategy, some of which are then contradicted by other pundits. Which link of yours gave the golden answer to the problem?
  15. There is one government strategy; Contest:

    Counter-terrorism strategy (CONTEST) - GOV.UK

    There is so much money, time and manpower invested in this stratgey that if you haven't looked at it, then you cannot understand what the government is trying to achieve in and around the threats from terrorism. Incidently, one of the components of the strategy, Prevent, is hugely unpopular with Islamists, their left-wing support base and increasingly amongst right wing extremists, which gives you an idea of its effectiveness.

    As I said many posts back when I originally posted the link, read it and learn something.