Asymmetric warfare, terrorism, and Daesh.

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Resasi, Jul 26, 2016.

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  1. Oh goodness me, stop that pissing in the procurement pool!

    Boys need their toys, and it's a lot better than the long term boring linguistic and human terrain work that would actually prevent attacks and support intelligence gathering.

    Plus that is a bit of a downer, as that approach needs to recruit and retain staff to gain experience. In our era of healthy churn, that isn't going to work either.

    So let's buy some kit.

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  2. Islamism gives people a community and in some cases, positions of authority or gain within those communities. Just like any other group or community. Seems gash to you or me but if it's the only way you're gonna get married, make money or be in a community then it's worth it.

    @Resasi there is a lot more to Islamism than daesh.
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  3. So what toys on the list for the end of year celebrations then?

    That form fitting all organic undetectable extra powerful boom belt, or the GHQ Alexis microphone bulb that can pick up any coversation within the house with built in translator for 5 languages with all regional dialects?
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  4. No. You can either play whack a mole dealing with a never ending supply of self radicalized nitwits with a few dangerous enablers, OR you can try to cut them off at the roots by finding out why their lives are so shit that they listen to the recruiters, and change it.

    Take away the motivation, and take away the footsoldiers. Then all you have to worry about are the really dangerous ones-the clever ones who have no intention of blowing themselves up.
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  5. One root that has been cut is their self proclaimed Caliphate territory.
  6. @HectortheInspector

    Others seem to be able to grasp what you are on about.

    This popped up on my twitter feed.

    A job with Arabic, Islam, Schnitzel and Weißebeer. If only. Screen Shot 2017-12-12 at 11.11.30 AM.png
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  7. Oh. Mein. Gott.

    (Kucken das arsche)*

    That would be an awesome job. I wonder what the boxhead version of the CPS is & what they're like to work with.

    *Nicky Minaj reference.
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  8. Do you get to wear a nice uniform with a badge reminiscent of Liebstandarte AH too?
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  9. Better not, I don't know if "Deckel" really is "Lid" in German!
  10. Ah, but will any British candidates be able to apply post Brexit?
    It's that free movement of labour thing.
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  11. I doubt Brits would get a look in anyway, hasn't Merkel invited rather a lot of qualified SMEs in lately?
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  12. Which one? They have franchised, remember?
    The fact is that the Caliph is still apparently unaccounted for.
    Even if he wasn't, now one claimant has come forward, another would step up to claim his place.
    Remember that most Islamic countries are still pretty tribal, and personal charisma goes a long way. The most successful warlord/ terrorist would move up the ladder.
  13. Would they pass vetting?
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  14. They're exactly the kind of person security forces are looking for aren't they?