Asymmetric warfare, terrorism, and Daesh.

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Resasi, Jul 26, 2016.

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  1. I thought it might be something like that. 'Awakening' type movements are highly effective and also strongly disliked by IS. The sahawat in Syria & Iraq also befell similar treatment.
  2. It seems that a terror attack aimed at the Prime Minister has been nipped in the bud
    Plot to kill Theresa May: Two men charged as police 'foil plot to blow up Number 10'

    Nine have been stopped this year with MI5 and counter terrorism police currently running well over 500 live operations and involving roughly 3,000 subjects of interest.

    Over 20,000 further individuals, or subjects of interest previously investigated and may again pose a danger
  3. Well they didn’t do very well with their ‘Caliphate’ when they were alive.
  4. There has been increased speculation on just how many daesh fighters were allowed to escape, and where they will end up?
    Raqqa's dirty secret - BBC News
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  5. Their latest video "Flames of War 2", spent a lot of time arguing that because they were more concerned with the afterlife, 'it is through death the young Khilafah live".

    Which is lucky really, as they could hardly argue it was going to last for 1,000 years or something on current evidence.
  6. It does seem that some are quite keen to live.
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  7. For every suicidal nutcase, you had many more who had every intent of LIVING in the Islamic State. That's why they took their families.
    They thought that they were going to an Islamic Utopia, but having swallowed the propaganda, and incriminated themselves by participating in the IS system, they would love to slink back home.
  8. Did anything happen?
    I think not.
  9. Literally a couple of low level websites were defaced, using well known attack vectors.

    I reckon they need a technical advisor. It they throw in some free Arabic lessons and decent accomodation (with a pool, of course), I'd consider the offer.
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  10. So long as you're happy paying jizya on top of your pension contributions and income tax. That won't leave you with many figs at the end of the month, subhanallah.

    I watched the Flames of War 2 with a real sense of nostalgia, having watched the original when it came out in 2014, I think? There were a fair few stabs at the 'abandoners' but in the end the collapse of their empire was explained that it's all a big test from the big man so keep on keeping on.
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  11. Well, they weren't going to blow their jihadcred by admitting it was the biggest religiously inspired disaster since the Jonestown Massacre?
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  12. In the meantime the sheer cost of 'testing the faithful’, and coping with those who feel it their duty to go out with a big bang and take a whole bunch of strangers with them, has reached huge proportions, let alone the immense tragedy and pain caused.

    Technology is still trying to enhance the ability of the security services to detect and prevent the threats presently posed by returnees, homegrown converts, or plain nut jobs with smaller smarter units that can detect guns knives and bombs carried by individuals.

    A recent innovative approach is with the deployment of new hi-tech discreet Cognitive Microwave Radar concealed weapons detection system, designed as an effective tool to combat active terrorist threats before they occur. Equipment either fixed place or possibly deployed in a mobile form.
    PATSCAN - Patriot One Technologies Inc.

  13. The technology is nice, but if it had been available and rolled out in 1970 would it have been 'testing the faithful' or 'testing the fenian'?
    The fact is that we have had terrorism in one shape or another since Victorian times. You could even argue that Guy Fawkes and his Catholic mates were trying to do exactly what IS would dream of.

    The current obsession with Islam detracts from the real problem. Islam isn't really very attractive. Given the chance, any Saudi with cash legs it for holidays in Infideland.

    So, WHY are thousands of second and third generation followers willingly signing up to a horribly austere and perverse version that their grandparents wouldn't have tolerated?

    I don't see the organised global jihad that you do, but I see something much more interesting- a settling of accounts between the various sects, and the battle between the reactionary throwbacks looking for a simpler way of life where their only strength, piety, counts for something, and the progressives looking to take Islam away from its medieval fixations.

    When you can answer the question of what these young Muslims aspire to, you might have a solution beyond new detection equipment.
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  14. Yes terrorism has existed throughout history.

    The fact unfortunately is, that dealing with what is happening right now, takes priority over obscure questions why we have the massive internal fighting between Muslim factions, and their written religious duty towards those who do not agree with them.

    The majority of terrorist acts recently, greatest threat presently in the UK, and, subject of this thread remains that posed by daesh, and steps being taken to counter that threat.
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