Asymmetric warfare, terrorism, and Daesh.

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Resasi, Jul 26, 2016.

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  1. Quite comprehensive procedures have been formulated across Europe to deal with daesh returnees.

    It will be interesting to see if implementation of these reduces the chances of the attacks called for by daesh.

    The steady elimination of daesh territory will have reduced their ability to inspire others by their successes, instead demonstrating the failure of their mission to establish a caliphate.
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  3. The ever valuable BBC monitoring, with an interesting comparison of the fortunes of the physical Caliphate versus the virtual output.

    BBC Monitoring
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  4. An important difference being the BBc’s monitoring of daesh media output, and actions and the casualties caused by the minority of extremist either returnees or would be jihadists who never made it out there.

    The BBC’s increasing bias, multicultural inclusiveness, and pc views do tend to leave some wondering just how impartial their views are.

    In interesting take on the scare in Oxford St yesterday was the extremely rapid reaction by the authorities on what could have been attack, its control and dispersal of the crowds after it had been established that it was simply a scare, and its very quick pinpointing and interviews with the two people who set the whole incident off.

    Besides being a good exercise it serves to demonstrate that a lot of attention has gone into the reaction to, and refinements of procedures that can be implemented.
  5. I would differentiate between BBC monitoring and the BBC (ie, the bit that puts out eastenders).

    BBC monitoring are a valuable soft power resource, though the Parliamentary enquiriy into the mismangament of them makes for bad reading.
  6. The increasing bias will be why the World Service got its funding back then. A tremendous return in terms of soft power.

    BBC World Service gets funding boost
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  7. Bof!

    The Beeb don't mention ISI's media output pre-caliphate which is likely to be what it will return to now that the only territory it holds is car parking space in Ramadi that everyone's forgotten about.

    The Saleel as-siwarim series was started prior to IS's existence but was adopted by the group as al-Furqan (media group) was happy to make videos for them both. These videos were about an hour in length and showed assasinations, SVBIED, IED, raids and sniper attacks and excutions. Really brutal stuff.

    I remember watching one of the earlier videos in the series where there was a segment which showed an ISI call sign consisting of captured ISF pick up trucks travelling at night with the full lights and sirens across Mosul, from and back into the desert. As they stopped at each check point, they rounded up all the ISF and executed them with silenced pistols. I realised at that point that Baghdad had a far more serious problem than the rest of the world seemed to realise.

    Anyway, my point is that whilst IS's media output has pretty much hit the buffers, it'll adapt and may return to what it used to look like; single big videos with loads of guerilla content.
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  8. The date on that being?


    Keep it current.
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  9. @BarcelonaAnalPark

    On an aside, I once went (off duty) to a fascinating talk given by minority Iraqi christian groups.

    The chap described the community experience being hunted by death squads equipped with sound suppressed weapons as well.

    This was before DAESH probably pre-2010.

    All rather terrifying, listening to the clear sectarian targetting.
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  10. Bit worrying the numbers of daesh that seem to have infiltrated back into Turkey.

    The numbers that went through Turkey on their outward journey when daesh began was concerning, and then for a while seemed able to come and go with relative ease.

    To now have them filtering back once again does beg the question of how effective the border controls are there.
  11. Interesting point in this article

    In Egypt’s Sinai Region, a Call to Cooperate With the Army

    Which is illuminating - in addition to the hatred of the Sufi sect, there might also be a straight forward revenge motive against a known tribal grouping.
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