Asymmetric warfare, terrorism, and Daesh.

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Resasi, Jul 26, 2016.

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  1. Resasi, my boy, you're like a stuck record but in this case the record is 'Barbie girl' by Aqua, the people listening don't realise they went deaf years ago, the speakers are in a different room and the leccy meter ran out of money years ago. I get the impression that you don't realise how much you don't understand but you're hoping your vague sense of rage will get you over the finishing line.
  2. Your rather flippant concern is touching, your attempts to gloss over the very real concerns
    that this thread is primarily concerned with, and simply see as an Islam bashing rather than a serious problem that need addressing rather less so, your disjointed rather stupid and childish post simply risible.

    'Vague sense of rage’ is not what is being expressed when islamic terrorism spreads through Europe, rather a more widespread and profound sense of disquiet.

    A fact remains about Islam and large-scale Muslim immigration to the West is, that is has meant rapidly increasing Muslim populations in concentrated spots. The teaching of any culturally conservative interpretation of Islam, or minimum that many Muslims believe, has then been seen in these areas as not totally compatible with the secular, liberal and pluralistic values that define Western society, and perhaps, with the long-term stability of various Western countries.

    Just one example here, the Birmingham’s Trojan Horse school issue. As Muslim numbers in the area increased they began asserting their own religious identity, particularly in the area of education, with incompatibilities getting to a stage where the government was forced to step in.

    In the West today, with over sixty years of heavy Muslim immigration, together with tolerance and a liberal agenda of multiculturalism, there has been a growth of separate, some would say antagonistic, cultural identities in areas of many cities throughout Europe, and where large numbers left to join daesh in Iraq and Syria.

    In these growing Muslim populations, the demands of the Muslim faith, and an inculcation of an 'Islamic ethos’ has become a source of growing concern. Particularly now, when coupled with the present return of radicals from Iraq and Syria who have openly declared their intent to promote violent extremism.

    Terror offences in the West directly connected with Islamism have increased hugely, the costs of guarding against this has risen to incalculable amounts with the curtailment of freedoms that are now being used against us.

    Not to acknowledge this and to write the glib post you did above is more than simply naive and disingenuous, it is a dangerous blindness to serious problems that are only too real.
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  3. It would be very instructive for you to show one crank church in America that has had the size, scope, and barbarity shown by IS from the time they declared their Caliphate to the present moment.

    Your rather poor examples and arguments unfortunately bear little resemblance to the world wide impact, casualties, cost, inconvenience and human misery made by Islamic terrorism, AQ, and IS in recent times, or, more of concern, the ongoing threat now posed by returning extremists.
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  4. Mormons in America.18th century.
    Not in this period, but when they started, they were a byword for depravity, and required Federal armed intervention.

    The 'Rev' Jim Jones had a well armed cult, until the mass suicide.

    Swiss Calvinists in the 16th century were the most feared mercenaries In Europe.
    Cathars set up a heretical state In France that the Pope called a crusade on.
    The Mahdi led a Dervish uprising that took the combined force of Britain and Egypt to put down...
    There is nothing new under the sun, and charismatic millenial cult nutjobs are common throughout history. The fact that you haven't heard of them doesn't mean that they haven't existed.

    In terms of poor arguments, yours are worse.
    You have bought into the enemy propaganda of the 'unified Islam', which is also accepted by various ill informed lobbyists over here because it feeds the xenophobic crowd.

    The fact is that left alone, Muslims fight like a bag of cats.The only thing that stops them doing that is either a strong internal leader OR a strong external threat.

    IS had a stab at generating both, but failed on both counts. The forces that destroyed it on the ground were mostly other Muslims with a bit of infidel assistance.
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  5. Are you for real? The air war has been almost entirely responsible for the containment and destruction of IS, which has been the ‘infidel’ , “bit’ as you so dismissively put it. This leading us back to the main concern of the thread which is about the danger posed to the West by the ‘return’ of these elements.

    As for
    do try and get your arguments to the present, and not the past.

    The thread is in current events, about ongoing concerns, not what happened centuries ago.
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  6. I see a degree of sympathy for JIhadi Jack in the media, including perhaps unusually from Peter Hitchens on the BBC this morning. His family says he was motivated by 'humanitarian reasons' and did not go to fight.

    I have heard the same rationale from the families of British Pakistanis who did something similar. They did not receive such a sympathetic ear.

    My question is, that if Jack was called Faisal or Hamid would people be so seemingly forgiving?
  7. Surely the family are going to believe what their sons says even if deep down they know it's a lie, as who would want to see evil in their own children ?
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  8. I've explained to you so many times about the difference between Islamism and Islam that the only reason why I'm responding to your post is because I like the sound of my keyboard.

    I've long maintained that Islamist supremacists get too far an easy ride in the UK and that politicians, the media and other institutions have been unforgiveably slow in recognising the Islamist threat and completely ineffectual in their responses. However, the inability to recognise the different Muslim communities in the UK and the different characteristics within each one means that the narrative of 'one Muslim community' and 'one interpretation of Islam' is promoted, thus doing the work of the Islamists for them when trying to combat them. You yourself contribute to that phenomena with your thick-as-sh!t routine and complete inability to learn when people are trying to put some sense into you.

    The Trojan Horse schools in Washwood Heath have long had Pakistani communities living there; the Trojan Horse phenomena didn't occur because of an increasing size in the Pakistani population, they were already there. It's like there's no end to the list of things you seem to know FA about.
    I actually know a woman who worked in one of the Trojan schools. She was teaching science from the Koran and got offered the job there on the requirement that she covered her head. I don't think the government went far enough in trying to sort out those schools and the Islamist influences. The result is that the Islamists have been able to take the initiative and have gash articles published in the Guardian about how oppressed they've been.
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  9. I'd question whether people are being forgiving towards him. There is a total indifference towards him from the Muslim communities in the UK and I think if he got eaten by wild dogs most people in the UK would laugh. I'd expect his parents to come out with any old crap in order to get him home.

    I can think of at least one British Asian Muslim doctor who ended up getting detained by Assad's forces. His family whined like stuck pigs and tried to put a lot of pressure on the government to get him freed; I recall seeing sympathetic coverage of him in the news, especially as he had gone out there as a Dr and had medical qualifications. Supposedly he killed himself the day before he was meant to be freed although he appears to have been starved. I think someone had to explain to his family that any calls by the British government to get justice in the middle of brutal civil war weren't going to get very far.

    Females who have travelled out to Syria have had a very, very easy time in the press and have almost all exclusively been portrayed as victims.
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  10. Fair enough, what do you think of this Iraqis opinion then ?
  11. You seem quite happy to throw insults around while completely ignoring the inconsistencies in you oh so enlightening posts.

    You, like Muslims around the globe, seem fixated upon the different opinions of various Muslims about various facets of their religion. Differences they all seem quite happy to slaughter each other over, as is now happening right now throughout the Muslim world, and unfortunately to the various places Muslims have fled to for sanctuary from the shit pits they have created for themselves.

    The internecine religious wars that also plagued the Christian religion are in the past, theirs unfortunately persist. What you do not seem to realise is that the West does not care that Muslims and their co-religionists cannot get on with each other, rather, that it is an intolerant creed in whatever form that is prepared to behave violently towards anyone that does not go along with whatever particular flavour of Islam that each group happens to follow.

    If they took their various differences back to the various Muslim countries they came from and sorted it out there, rather that exporting it, and seeking world domination, as the Muslim religion in its various forms calls for, it would suit everyone. And in particular the terrorism it has become associated with

    "the inability to recognise the different Muslim communities in the UK and the different characteristics within each one means that the narrative of 'one Muslim community' and 'one interpretation of Islam' is promoted, thus doing the work of the Islamists for them when trying to combat them...” that you so tritely trot out is completely irrelevant.

    It would be of benefit to the world in general that the various interpretations of Islam were to violently sort out which one was the right one elsewhere, and realise that the central belief of Islam, that it should rule over all others is simply not acceptable to those who do not believe in the ‘’There is but one god and Allah is his name...” routine that true Muslims trot out five times a day.

    The West is not about to meekly accept those who persist in trying to violently prosecute those beliefs here, or persist in their belief that everyone should accept Islam as the "one true religion above all others.” along with the various barbaric sharia rules it comes with or the violence with which it has become associated with.
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  12. Have you missed the SDF and FSA ground attacks in Syria & Iraq and the Iraqi CT forces fighting IS on the ground supported/trained/facilitates by western forces?
  13. Nope, just highlighted one facet that has been, almost, entirely Western, without forgetting the unfortunate Jordanian pilot who was treated to the obscene barbarity that has been the hallmark of daesh who are now trying to come back to their ‘home' countries.
  14. So the air war hasn’t been “almost entirely responsible for the containment and destruction of IS”?
  15. Your lack of paragraphs and excessively long sentences makes your garbage difficult to follow. Work on your punctuation and then get out of your bigot-o-sphere and then you might have a chance at contributing to a problem which is far more complex than you seem to be able to grasp.