Asymmetric warfare, terrorism, and Daesh.

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Resasi, Jul 26, 2016.

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  1. You are quite right, RT, somewhat dodgy source, but I like to take a wide sample of perspectives, but knowing what angle one is likely to be viewing the subject from.

    What was interesting was their idea that we in the UK were likely to be harbouring the most home brewed extremists, likely to suddenly go loony tunes. And, there are some quite good reasons for that belief.

    Here in the UK there has been a huge influx of Muslims, in our case lots from Pakistan, a huge number of which can and do look for wives/husbands from abroad. A high tolerance for non native speakers. Big emphasis on providing translation services. Large concentrations of third gen non english speakers, who have tended to accumulate in cities that have become minority/majority with Urdu speaking schools and mainly Muslim pupils.

    A tendency not to assimilate, a contempt for the local morals/way of life/ loose/lax sexual morality...stop me when you feel I am speaking out of turn. A proportion of disaffected/disenfranchised youth who have become vulnerable to radical ideas, and who individually, have a potential, under guidance, to have a huge(negative) impact upon a society they simply choose not to identify with.

    Britain has become a vulnerable ‘mark’ immigration-wise, and a very politically correct, multiculturally permissive society that can...and has been taken advantage of by a religious/political creed that is programmed to wish to become all powerful, above all others, and is programmed to be totally intolerant/dominant...and is taking advantage of freedoms in our society that now become vulnerabilities.
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  2. True in some ways.
    However, all that really goes to show is that there are many kinds of Islamic fundamentalism.
    They look externally similar, but the social reasons for it differ.
    The Pakistani population in the UK were traditionalists, but hardly militant.
    They formed communities, and generally did not integrate, but that was largely down to their policy of bringing in spouses from the "old country".
    Many of the first wave married local white women and generally tried to settle down. Only later did they try and get their kids a "traditional"partner.
    It is the later generations who have grown up when the economic conditions that brought their grand parents here have changed, who have never known what it is to live in a majority Muslim country, who are most susceptible to the jihadi recruiters.

    The ME jihadis are inspired and funded by the wahhabis of Saudi Arabia, but their doctrine comes from the Arab Nationalism of the 1930's, cross contaminated with raving anti-semitism from the Nazis and revolutionary warfare straight out of Mao.

    Let alone the internal Muslim conflicts between Saudi and Iran which have turned into a sectarian Shia-Sunni civil war.

    Meanwhile, the Islamic fighters the Russians have incubated grew up under a non religious Soviet system, then post- Soviet tyrants in central Asia. What they want to change is their murdering, thieving governments that answer to Moscow.

    Islamic fundamentalism isn't a unitary thing. It is a response to social pressures in different groups for different reasons.
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  3. As usual, you mix 2 separate issues and overlook other facts to further your particular hobby horse.

    You also ignore the Pakistani middle class which contribute many professionals to different British institutions.

    There is a very serious problem with importing and sustaining a rural feudal culture. This is what leads to political parties subverting themselves to chase a bloc postal vote and the subsequent over looking of Rotherham style cases.

    The issue of Islamic extremism is a different one, even if Mirpuris are Muslim themselves. The version of Islam that they practice is very different to the Salafism which breeds extremism and terrorism. The latter is as likely to be seen amongst white converts as it is Pakistanis who have chinned off the version of Islam that their parents follow.

    Admittedly, it's much of a muchness if you don't see the difference and the solution is a big whole in the ground.
  4. I have not overlooked the important contributions made by a very hardworking Muslim middle class. One of the friends I have had since childhood when I was at school together with him is an Ismaili.

    His dedication and his contributions to his community have to me been both inspirational and an example of selfless contribution. His early settler father in Kenya stated the first bakery in Kenya and later a huge biscuit and confectionary business.

    A genuinely good man who happens to be a member of a Muslim community but has given and devoted his time to people less fortunate irrespective of their faith. me, not representative of many other Muslims who will only contribute to those of their own faith. For a start he is lapsed Muslim since he drinks and eats bacon and pork

    You are correct in your assumption of my ignorance of the various shades and variations of Islam.

    If you feel my hobby horse is a dislike of Islam as a political/religious creed, then you are quite correct. I find it abhorrent for aspects of it’s intolerance, cruelty, and professed adherence to a creed that it boasts proudly, is unchanged since the time of Mohammed. A time centuries ago when the world was a very different place.

    Cruelty, savagery, and barbarity so particularly displayed by a self proclaimed daesh Caliphate that has tried to establish itself in Iraq and Syria, is presently being suppressed and removed, but still inspires these 'home grown' acts of complete nihilism by complete losers who have failed to integrate, and feel ‘inspired’ by their ‘religion’ to commit acts that involve the murder of complete strangers who are unfortunate enough to be near them when they decide to become ‘martyrs for their cause (Islam)’!!!
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  5. The threat may well not be in the forefront of press, or national consciousness however it does remain of concern to the internal security services.
    UK terror arrests are up 70% in a year

    The threat has not diminished.
  6. Cressida Dick really must do something about her somewhat unflattering, ear flattening hat. That said she did confirm that the arrest made in Dover and later investigation in Sunbury-on-Thames are linked and connected to the unsuccessful terrorist attempt to bomb the tube. So excellent follow up by the security services.

    The huge blessing was the failure of a serious attempt to kill a major number of random, innocent and totally unconnected strangers by yet another Islamic extremist attack, home grown or otherwise.

    What is frightening is how close we were to another attack with mass casualties. The difficulties faced by the security forces due to our hard won freedoms and privileges, and the dangers posed to them by a group within this country is increasingly difficult to ignore.

    What is sad is that the whole country will suffer for a minority, of not only the ‘fanatics', but also from the larger group of so called 'moderates' whose beliefs still accept Sharia law as it stands, and the innate superiority of their religion, which includes the use of violence against the unbelievers, and do look the other way rather than condemn or act against the extremists among themselves.
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  7. There is nothing that can be done about the ladies bowler hat or the gents Beat Duty helmet.

    They are always going to look dreadful.
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  8. Or I suppose, Cressida’s bowler hat support struts.

    She nevertheless comes across as being a competent commander who seems pretty intelligent and has weathered both the Menezes accident and coming out.

    What is more to the point is the possible shortcomings of the ‘Prevent’ strategy instituted to try and prevent the radicalisation of Muslim youth,
    Prevent and the Government's Counter Extremism Strategy - News from Parliament

    Brought in by the last Labour Government, the £40-million-a-year ‘Prevent' counter-terrorism strategy was supposed to fight radicalisation within Muslim communities.

    Risk factors supposed to be spotted and assessed before action is taken by police or social services. The man accused of Friday's tube bombing had been referred to the initiative.

    A report by Lord Carlile QC an independent reviewer of terrorism laws, has indicated that large sums have been wasted on 'sports and recreation activities' in the name of anti-radicalisation and that under Labour, scrutiny so poor that hundreds of thousands of pounds had actually gone to extremist groups.

    It has also been alleged that many associated with ‘prevent’ are hypersensitive to any accusation of racism which rather hampers the effectiveness of the program.

    It is acknowledged that something must be done and a review of the program has been done to ensure that it is effective.
    New Prevent strategy launched - GOV.UK

    Lord Carlile commented that this new Prevent strategy has his full support “...and provides a template for challenging the extremist ideas and terrorist actions which seek to undermine the rule of law and fundamental British political values and institutions.

    ‘Its tone is clear, and its policy compelling. It offers a positive message for mutual respect, tolerance and liberty.’
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  9. Afternoon Islamic extremist attack in Marseilles railway station today.

    Two woman killed by a knife attack attacker killed by French Army.
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  11. She served her time and had to get a job to survive, rather than being a burden. Whats the alternative, make room in the mass grave for anyone connected to jihadis? The judicial system in the UK is based on rehabilitation, which has it's roots in the Christian concept of forgiveness.
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  12. seaweed

    seaweed LE Book Reviewer

    " ... the Christian concept of forgiveness" imposes a duty on the individual and as with other Christian charges is a duty which one should undertake regardless of the effect on yourself. It is quite another thing for public bodies to exercise this without regard to the mass of the people to whom they have a duty of care. The Christian message is entirely about one's duty as an individual and, inert alia, about being charitable with one's own money, not anybody else's. And see several parables including that of the vineyard, and that bit about 'render unto Caesar' which means that Christianity is a moral code, not a political one.