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Asymmetric warfare, terrorism, and Daesh.

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Resasi, Jul 26, 2016.

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  1. Fair enough.
    What about the non British contingent?
    Are you going to keep them out as well?
    In fact, just where are you proposing to draw the line between chucking people off roofs and offering asylum?
    Because of you aren't offering ANYTHING except being murdered, then you have given them no incentive to come in with their hands up.
  2. Lets just for the record get back to the thread topic. I am not advocating any chucking off rooftops etc, or offering ANYTHING to ANYBODY, the fact that the Iraqis and daesh are doing that to each other on both sides as I said before simply shows a mind set and of events taking place.

    Asylum guidelines should be certainly more stringent that Merkel’s 'come one come all' and the EU’s 'freedom of movement’ of huge blocks of unmonitored humanity.

    Are former daesh participants to be denied entry? An unqualified yes might be a suggestion. They made a lifestyle choice which included their death as part of their participation. Let that happen wherever else they choose to relocate to. It should however be a disqualification for entry/re-entry to the UK, in my opinion. HM Immigration authorities, and security services will however be making that call.
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  3. It would appear from recent evidence that the threat remains real and that the Al Kharsa Brigade was specifically formed for the purpose of infiltrating back into Europe and the UK for these asymmetric warfare terror attacks.

    Although some may believe that daesh has been contained...
    Fighters from Isil’s ‘terrorist unit’ can no longer escape from Syria to carry out attacks in Europe

    ...during the unit’s existence it will undoubtedly have already infiltrated member back to Europe and the UK.
    Isis unit in Syria are preparing British jihadis to attack the UK

    The authorities are well aware of this, however the sheer numbers of refugees that are coming in means that the number of potential extremists jihadis are almost impossible to monitor. Any that have been confirmed in any way to have been associated with daesh should be permanently barred from re-entry.

    There is of course the present ongoing potential for emotional grief-mongering with the young German girl whose case is in news. No doubt there will be a wave of calls for her to be returned despite her undoubted willing involvement.
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