Asymmetric warfare, terrorism, and Daesh.

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Resasi, Jul 26, 2016.

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  1. Fair enough.
    What about the non British contingent?
    Are you going to keep them out as well?
    In fact, just where are you proposing to draw the line between chucking people off roofs and offering asylum?
    Because of you aren't offering ANYTHING except being murdered, then you have given them no incentive to come in with their hands up.
  2. Lets just for the record get back to the thread topic. I am not advocating any chucking off rooftops etc, or offering ANYTHING to ANYBODY, the fact that the Iraqis and daesh are doing that to each other on both sides as I said before simply shows a mind set and of events taking place.

    Asylum guidelines should be certainly more stringent that Merkel’s 'come one come all' and the EU’s 'freedom of movement’ of huge blocks of unmonitored humanity.

    Are former daesh participants to be denied entry? An unqualified yes might be a suggestion. They made a lifestyle choice which included their death as part of their participation. Let that happen wherever else they choose to relocate to. It should however be a disqualification for entry/re-entry to the UK, in my opinion. HM Immigration authorities, and security services will however be making that call.
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  3. It would appear from recent evidence that the threat remains real and that the Al Kharsa Brigade was specifically formed for the purpose of infiltrating back into Europe and the UK for these asymmetric warfare terror attacks.

    Although some may believe that daesh has been contained...
    Fighters from Isil’s ‘terrorist unit’ can no longer escape from Syria to carry out attacks in Europe

    ...during the unit’s existence it will undoubtedly have already infiltrated member back to Europe and the UK.
    Isis unit in Syria are preparing British jihadis to attack the UK

    The authorities are well aware of this, however the sheer numbers of refugees that are coming in means that the number of potential extremists jihadis are almost impossible to monitor. Any that have been confirmed in any way to have been associated with daesh should be permanently barred from re-entry.

    There is of course the present ongoing potential for emotional grief-mongering with the young German girl whose case is in news. No doubt there will be a wave of calls for her to be returned despite her undoubted willing involvement.
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  4. The terrible events in Madrid simply confirm the daesh threat is ongoing.

    There are huge difficulties in preventing this sort of attack is and nowhere can be considered truly safe.

    Some steps that can be taken if one does become involved in a situation that does occur.

    1. Immediately move out of the line of movement of an attacking vehicle.
    2. Give immediate warning to surrounding pedestrians.
    3. Run at a right angles away from the vehicle.
    4. Try to put any nearby objects such as buildings, trees, lampposts, fire hydrants, garbage bins between yourself and the vehicle or attacker.
    5. If possible avoid running with the crowd. Attacking vehicles tend to aim to target large groups
    6. As soon as possible, notify law enforcement.
    7. Seek hardened shelter until “all clear” is announced as the driver and or passengers may exit a disabled vehicle and begin attacking on foot with weapons.

    Vehicular Terrorism - G4s
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  5. Couldn't we at least sterilise anyone convicted of terrorism, that could go some way to solving the problem long term

    The septics offer something similar to criminals in some states already
  6. The long term inbuilt mindset of Islam will unfortunately not be effected by sterilisation of individuals.

    While there remains the long term concept of the superiority of Islam, coupled with the suppression and eradication of any other religion and its followers by violent means, there will remain a problem.
  7. I'm not sure anyone builds an autoclave big enough.
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  8. Worlds largest microwave, 7000lts lets see...that’s 7cubic metres or 247 cubic feet.
    NetComposites Now: World’s Largest Industrial Composite Microwave System

    How many would fit?
    How many journalists can you fit into one square metre? -
    So around nine adults with plenty of room.

    That was adults. With kids the number went up to around 23.
    Kelvin Road School Blog: How Many Children Fit into a Square Metre?

    But since the median age is around 29, with a number of terrorists in their teens, if one were to squeeze a bit you could get around 18-20.

    But since that is a sort of daesh type behaviour, it won’t happen and the general public can expect to be told that rehabilitation and being more accommodating and inclusive is the way forward.

    We have to set an example.
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  9. Last Thursday, El Periódico a Catalan newspaper reported that as long as two months ago, the CIA alerted the Mossos d’Esquadra, the autonomous police and security service of Catalonia, that there might be a terrorist attack by daesh and mentioned La Ramblas as a possible main target.

    Daesh had already directed threats against Spain El Periódico said. Daesh “considered themselves obligated to re-establish Islam” in areas ruled by Muslim leaders in the past. Spain and Portugal also known as Al-Andalus, were ruled by a succession of Muslim caliphs.

    The Spanish daily had also reported that a Twitter account associated with the Islamic State issued several warnings against Spain two weeks ago on July 30, when the account twitted a series of messages that read: “We will implement the caliphate in Spain and recover our land. Impending attack on Al-Andalus, God willing."

    It is now being reported that the Secretary of State for Security in Spain has instructed police and the Civil Guard to increase security measures after the attacks in Catalonia and tighten controls in squares, promenades and pedestrian zones.

    They are to intensify the random controls of people and vehicles in places of greatest density, increase the presence of police vehicles at strategic points of those zone like entrances, exits or intersections, and that Police checks in the Spanish-French border area intensify.

    It also emphasised the need to increase channels of collaboration with local police and to further incorporate the capabilities of these bodies to measures already being taken in the Anti-Terrorism Prevention and Protection Plan.

    The Government...
    Defence and Security Accelerator - GOV.UK
    UK police arrest man picked out from the crowd in real time by automatic facial recognition system | Privacy Online News services,
    Face Recognition
    ...and miliary,
    SAS on alert for UK Bank Holiday terror attacks after ‘gathering high-level intelligence’
    ... in the UK have already demonstrated their readiness.

    In London the next large open air event approaching is the Notting Hill Carnival. With around two million attendees expected it is a difficult event to monitor and police at the best of times. Let us hope that it passes peacefully.

    The possibility of undercover personnel who are highly trained in the use of fast highly accurate lethal incapacitation, following known suspects who show up at big events has to be a reassuring step.

    Though not an ideal resolution, given the civil liberty/human rights constraints our society affords everyone here, it is a step up from just having highly visible armed police in the area who any potential terrorist might try to avoid.

    The threat is real, here, and the increased uses of technology, techniques and resources being used to combat cannot eradicate it, but is reassuring.
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  10. The Notting Hill Carnival has passed.

    Peacefully? Perhaps not.

    Numbers of police injured in the line of duty has risen again. None however ascribed to terrorism.
  11. RT world news last night had a piece on Jihadist terrorism in Europe and was proclaiming that Britain has the largest number of home grown extremists known to the security services who could potentially become terrorists.

    Hugely worrying, the amount of manpower and resources it takes to monitor these numbers. The various causes of home grown extremism has been studied. An interesting perspective on the subject recently published. The 'New Jihadis' by Olivier Roy

    Of various reviews, one from a paper generally held to be a platform for politically correct, multi cultural, liberal, and left wing views, but who may have at last become very aware of the huge dangers posed.

    They do not strike often, but enough to hugely effect daily lives, and create enormous costs
    Who are the new jihadis? | Olivier Roy | The long read
  12. RT?
    Well, before pointing fingers at our jihadi problem, perhaps the Russians might like to look at their Chechen and Dagestani brethren.
  13. The timing and source of that claim about terrorists in the UK makes me a bit suspicious about it's purpose. By undermining the UKs reputation on tackling terrorism, it weakens the bargaining for Brexit. We say that we still contribute to EU security, they say the UK is a terrorist pirate ship sailing of the EU coast. It's not in the EU's interests to support our position.
  14. Nothing so complex. It is just Russian propaganda, comparing our 'weak' Western way of dealing with Muslims with the much more desirable 'stronk' Russian approach-
    Firstly, do a Grozny and burn Bradford and Brick Lane to the ground, then find a psychotic war criminal and put him in power.
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  15. Although she hasn't publicly admitted it, Angie has had a slight change of heart. Election time and the unpopularity of mass immigration have nothing to do with it of course.