Asymmetric warfare, terrorism, and Daesh.

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Resasi, Jul 26, 2016.

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  1. Obviously I have misunderstood the original point, my apologies.
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  2. Couldn't help but smile seeing this in the latest Rumiyah.

    I would like to think somewhere there a dark shadow version of ARRSE, with a "Mujahideen Ally as Ali" thread. This one must be a contender.

    Not sure which one I like more, the guy who has scrimmed his helmet or the bloke who has clearly just come back from his CLM course and has his pointer out during the Order process.

    The c*nt on the left has failed though, at an O-Group without his notebook in his hand.

    CSM - off the nearest building with him, please!

    Ali Brecon.jpg
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  3. I cancelled my subscription when it changed from 'Dabiq'.
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  4. Both interesting articles @Boumer.

    A successor has already thrown his beard into the ring.
    British jihadi bids to be leader of Islamic State

    What might be significant is that due to the breakdown of their own country there are large concentrations of Somalis in this and other countries. The diaspora has the biggest concentration in Yemen, the second is here in the UK, the third largest in the US.

    An ancient, intelligent Afroasian group, they are very cohesive in a tightly knit clan structure. Probably amongst the first pastoralists ancient traders and seamen with a reputation of being fiercely aggressive. Primarily Sunni. They make bad enemies.
  5. One thing you must remember is the incredible racism in Muslim countries.
    Black skin is not necessarily an advantage in dealing with predominantly Arab groups.
    Probably one of the reasons they fight so well is that they have nowhere to hide in the Middle East. They can't slope off to live with relatives.
  6. Indeed, which is quite funny given what is said the final sermon of the Prophet.

    Never let scripture get in the way of convenience!
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  7. Just read that the reason daesh are being thrown off buildings or shot in the head is because the Iraqi forces who capture them feel that they could buy freedom if sent into prison. Confidence in Government integrity it seems is not yet fully in place.

    Given the historical record of Iraqi authorities this would seem a fairly pragmatic approach.

    Over here the cost savings in a dead terrorist, when compared with resuscitation, trial, prison, rehabilitation, and ongoing demands for compensation, would indicate that the economic approach to counter-terrorism over here is the SAS method.With a similar outcome. (The high building method is not standard practice here.)

    If this sounds a tad severe it could be that the soft pc bunny hugging approach has simply excacerbated the problem and a slightly more robust approach is necessary.
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  8. I would guess that a fair number of those being chucked off buildings (known as 'murdered' to most of us) may not have been active or willing IS members, but just belong to the wrong tribe, and their property is then looted, and are just part of a spot of ethnic cleansing.

    Another reason is the local tradition of blood feuds. The tribal structures that used to control these have broken down, and IS compromised some tribes and they are now going to be perpetually at war with their neighbours, and a permanent pool of recruits.

    Blood money compensation was a key part in controlling feuds, so preventing this form of restitution is feeding an out of control vendetta culture.

    Article from 2015 already identifying these trends.

    As Extremists Withdraw in Salahaddin, Iraq's Tribes Demand Justice

    Some of the residents of the former IS-held territory suggest there are more sinister motives afoot too. “Over the past ten months, a policy has developed here that allows others to seize our property – orchards, houses, irrigation channels and anything that can be sold,” says Abu Safwan al-Azzawi, one of the locals. “Others wish to change the demographics of this area,” he suggests, “and it's actually all about who controls the most fertile land on the banks of the Tigris river as well as sectarian politics. The local tribes are using the Shiite Muslim militias to prevent locals returning to their homes for that reason.”
  9. Either way the inducement remains for some to try a new place that frowns on this sort of behaviour. Unfortunately some just can’t seem to leave that behind, and then try it here.
  10. Being murdered by sectarian militiamen is an inducement to go somewhere else.
    Oddly enough,

    To stay in the UK as a refugee you must be unable to live safely in any part of your own country because you fear persecution there.

    If you’re stateless, your own country is the country you usually live in.

    This persecution must be because of:

    • your race
    • your religion
    • your nationality
    • your political opinion
    • anything else that puts you at risk because of the social, cultural, religious or political situation in your country, for example, your gender, gender identity or sexual orientation
    You must have failed to get protection from authorities in your own country.
    Claim asylum in the UK: Eligibility - GOV.UK

    So, being chucked off a multi storey by State sponsored militiamen or Regular forces seems to tick all the boxes.
    So, they will come here and claim asylum because their Government is following PRECISELY the course of action that you seem to be recommending at #682?

    If your problem is with them coming here, then you should take that up with the militias throwing people off buildings.

    In short, it appears that although the warfighting may be nearly over, the much harder and longer phase of 'winning the peace' has yet to be started.
  11. Hmm 'Not my part of ship Chief, I’m radar'...but, as the thread suggests, it is in fact a common problem faced here and in Europe, and even more so with the warfighting nearly over, and their stated objectives and intentions of bring their fight here.

    A fact which, as we have seen, has already started. Hence the thread.
  12. I would dispute it is "their" fight.
    Through most of the 20th century we have seen wave after wave of refugees, many of them indoctrinated from birth by horrible regimes and many of them complicit in atrocities.
    Once out of that environment, however, apart from a few die hards and subversives the vast majority of them seem to have left it all behind.
    What is interesting is the lack of enthusiasm amongst our refugee population for continuing their conflicts on our streets.

    You have your true refugee, albeit those who may have taken part in IS rule, and you have the active IS insurgents who are seeking to hide within them.
    I would guess that the true refugees might be the ones most willing to turn in the false ones.
  13. While that is true, the minuscule numbers required to create massive chaos and damage is the ongoing concern.

    A perfectly logical guess, however peer pressure and the fear of ‘their type’ of retribution remain powerful disincentives.
  14. Well, is chucking everyone suspicious off a roof a productive way of dealing with a small number of threats, however potent?
    The same argument could have been used for Blackshirts, communists, IRA, etc.

    And peer pressure works both ways.

    There's a lot of established refugees in this country who aren't going to want to get dragged into foreign messes, and don't want their residency jeopardised with. Easy for them to pick up a phone and grass up the dodgy character.

    The threat is a small number of IS activists, but far more of the self radicalised home grown version.

    I'll say this again.- Winning the peace is the hard part, and somehow that will involve deprogramming and coming to some sort of acceptance with individuals who may have done some horrible things, but who given the chance, won't do them again.
    If they have no option but victory or death. then that's what you will get. Fighting and corpses.on both sides.
  15. Part of that acceptance being that they do not come back to this country.