Asymmetric warfare, terrorism, and Daesh.

Why is everyone fixated on getting a sexual rush out of sensible precaution???
At least yours seems a tad more normal than that of the an*l golly.

Who on earth has said the patient collection of intelligence has stopped. It hasn’t and remains the backbone of protection from the freaks who are daesh or inspired by them.

Meanwhile when their caliphate collapses around them they automatically go into victim mode and scream for the ‘rights’ they despise and so readily renounced and attempted to destroy.
Macron urged to SAVE French wives of ISIS jihadis captured in Iraq
Who on earth has said the patient collection of intelligence has stopped. It hasn’t and remains the backbone of protection from the freaks who are daesh or inspired by them.
Really? I have to disagree there, as politely as I can. For the reasons that I lay out below.

SO15 is recruiting Special Constables to support them, I hear. And they are the best funded CT department there is.

In the Met, for example, Borough Intelligence Units have been slashed, I understand. These would be the normal local criminal intelligence units triaging intelligence into the Specialist Operations departments. Gone from being repositories of local knowledge to data entry (at best).

I am sure the people in nice buildings on the river Thames and in the west country are doing their best. But the community intelligence based system of British Policing required a local footrpint, with local knowledge to support national (and international) operations and functions.

But don't take my word for it

A key aspect of Special Branch intelligence gathering is that it extends the reach of the
national agencies by utilising the close links between local police and the communities they
serve, as well as the contacts and access which the Branch itself maintains; this linkage is a
major strength of the UK’s national security structure, and the envy of certain other

OK, Blair conjures with a counterfactual here - but the principle is the same.

The second follows the failed bombings of 21st July. A local authority worker identified the flat which three men shown on the CCTV images had frequented: this was the bomb factory.

However, he also mentioned that he had found dozens of empty peroxide bottles in the wastebins. Had we had one of our neighbourhood policing teams in place then he probably would have told us about what he had found. Peroxide is the basis of the bombs.

Thus national security depends on neighbourhood security. It will not be a Special Branch officer at Scotland Yard who first confronts a terrorist but a local cop or a local community support officer.

It is not the police and the intelligence agencies who will defeat crime and terror and anti-social behaviour; it is communities.

We do not want one kind of police force being nice to people and another one arriving in darkened vans wearing the balaclavas. Whoever is responsible for the one has to be responsible for the other.
Full text: Sir Ian Blair's speech

indeed, the case of Andrew Ibrahim proves the worth of the traditional Britsh CT model.

Terrorist Andrew Ibrahim was turned in by the Muslim community

Basically, he was turned into local CID by the community who recgonised indicators and warnings and had the confidence to speak to their local contacts.

The local "collator" as the PC or DC in the local criminal intelligence unit was known, is likely to have gone. As are many of the administrative staff.

But this is why I have an issue with all these firepower displays. They are all jolly nice and look good, I suppose a few boys and girls who quietly walk around with contacts and can see and hear much just aren't that interesting.

But it is a bit like not paying for your insurance, you might get away with it or you might not. Just don't say it is isn't a risk, that's all. The Home Office could be a little bit less "economical with the actualité", and I would respect them more.

The firepower displays, in my uninformed opinion, is more smoke and mirrors to make people think things are better prepared than they are.

All I would like from the national government is some honesty. If they admit we are broke and have to roll the dice and take our chances fine, but you better the odds by stacking the deck in your favour. And that is done through predictive intelligence, rather than concentration upon gear porn units (which are a necessary tool, but actually represent the failure of warning)..
The hard fact of life would seem that all aspects of Government Defence. Health, Police, Social Services etc all seem to be trying to do more with less.

Taxes are already high to go higher would raise an outcry, yet we have ever increasing demands from many to open the country to more immigrants. We have those who are for the EU with their open borders and free movement, we have those demanding we give more aid abroad, do more to end poverty round the world, free education to everyone. Where does it stop.

Anywhere one looks the seams are bulging, with more funds being the demand from everywhere. Just sometimes focussing on what is being done and achieved seems a more positive way of looking at things while acknowledging that life is far from perfect.
Anyway, back in the room:

The government has finally done something intelligent in its efforts to combat extremism and appointed Sara Khan to lead an anti-extremism commission.

New anti-extremism tsar faces quit calls

Her anti-Islamist credentials are impeccable and it's a new departure for the government to be engaging people who are actually good for the country rather than the usual carrousel of soft-Islamists.

Predictably, her appointment is unpopular with Islamists and the left-wing supporters of Islamism, such as the Labour party and the Guardian. Interestingly, Lady Warzi has been quite energetic in attacking Sara Khan even before the position was announced. Without a hint of irony, she's attacked Khan for being to close to the state. You have to wonder what Warzi's actual role is other than to give a political leg up to Islamists.

All these Islamist groups, the Guardian and Warzi are basically arguing that the government needs to engage with extremists to solve, er, extremism. They're not interested in reducing extremism or ending terrorism.
It's a bit too thin on detail to be described as interesting. There are much better accounts of IS's bureaucracy and brutality.

It's interesting how IS sought to impose an Arabic lingua franca across the Arab world, as partly indicated in the article.
Britain and U.S. in talks over captured British IS fighters - home...

Given that neither the United Kingdom nor the United States want custody of these two, nor any other Daesh currently in the custody of the Syrian Democratic or Kurdish forces, it would seem that delay is the order of the day. Probably in the hope that they will become casualties in forthcoming Syrian Government and or Turkish offensives against their captors.

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