Asymmetric warfare, terrorism, and Daesh.

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Resasi, Jul 26, 2016.

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  1. I'd see that as the other way around.
    Nut cases are buying into the IS project as an excuse to do what they want to do anyway.

    IS are very adept at weaponising the murderously inclined and the weak minded.
    The Jihadi characters are usually failed Muslims, petty criminals and mentally ill.
    These people want to count for something in their miserable lives, but really they just want to die.
    Islam is just a pretext for flamboyant suicide.
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  2. Then explain why Islam is chosen as a pretext over any other religion.

    Also, point out which other religions preach total domination above all others.
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  3. Because Islam is currently in meltdown.
    The violence arising from that is attracting those who are disposed towards violence. It gives them a "cause" to justify their actions, and in some way, to elevate their social standing amongst other Muslims. They still value piety, however misguided.

    Secondly, the desire for global domination has a purpose. It is a prerequisite for the End of the World.

    There is one other religion that has an apocalyptic desire to see the end of the world.
    "Thy Kingdom Come" and all that. All the good stuff in the Book of Revelations.

    The difference is that the millenial nutjobs in Christianity are not offering instant Paradise and 72 virgins when you die, and in the meantime all the loot you can steal and all the 12 year old sex slaves you can afford.
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  4. Correction, has been since the death of Mohamed (PBUH) and his succession.

    The cause for global domination, and visceral intolerance of others are the aspects that sets this particular one apart.

    The acknowledgement that all things come to an end is not...
    Can’t think of any other religion that offers brownie points or sexual incentives for ‘offing’ the competition.

    You seem to be beating rather futilely around the bushes in your desire not to point the finger at a clear and present danger, posed by various aspects and behaviours of a group of immigrants that are becoming ever larger in the West.
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  5. The "clear and present danger" is there. I just don't think it is the one you see. You see the symptom, not the cause.

    It is not that there are immigrants who have hostile intent, and bring their medieval religious mindset with them.
    It is that there ARE mass migrations of immigrants. Why is this?

    Islam has been happily schismatic for centuries, so it is pretty weird to say "Islam" wants to do x..." when they usually fight like cats in a sack amongst themselves. It can't be that there is a religious imperative to migrate. There's no Pope to send them on Crusade.

    The simple fact is that the Middle East and North Africa is emptying out, not because of a desire to spread Islam, but because of a desire to get away from the bloody place.
    Driven out by war, corruption, poverty, collapsing environments and poor government, people are voting with their feet.

    Islamic recruiters are finding easy volunteers in the mass because they are offering something- glory, loot, rape and pillage and a ticket to Paradise.

    Islam was never alone in offering young totty to the conquering warriors. Just have a quick look at the Old Testament. Look up how the Jews dealt with the Midianites.

    IS is not a modern cult. It is a deeply reactionary sect that wants to go back to Old Testament standards of behaviour, aspires to rule like the Ottoman Empire, and Baghdadi was tapping into a millenial strain of Islamic thought to get acceptance of his right to rule. He probably aimed at becoming accepted as The Mahdi, the expected saviour who would help to prepare the world for the End Times.

    Even most other Muslims see them as dangerous freaks. Even Al Qaeda think they are just wrong.
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  6. The Cof E arent Christians...
  7. Theology not your strong point then...
  8. Christ is God, all others are either satanic or at best schismatics
  9. You do, you're going to hell...
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  10. Christ was God. Ask his mum, and she would have called him a nice Jewish boy.
    What with being a rabbi and all.
  11. Nope. Stories for the gullible and basing your moral code on fear of retribution and hope of a "well done" from a big beard in the sky is fairly pathetic.
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  12. I would hesitate about the Mahdi bit, sounds a bit Shia to me! People have probably been chucked off tall buildings for less evidence!

    Zawahiri described DAESH in May 2016 as "extremists and renegades" whose followers would eventually disavow their beliefs and methods.

    Al Qaeda chief tells jihadist fighters in Syria: Unite or die
  13. If that is the case and it is only isolated cases that we should be worried about, what then should be done about what is going on inside the various islamic schools mosques and madrassas inside this country every single day.

    It seems hardly compatible with integration into this country’s values, tolerance towards other religions, and general attitudes.

    The problem is that with deeply ingrained teaching like this, there is a huge reservoir within which Islamic extremists can hide and operate.
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  14. The Shia think the Mahdi is already here, just "hiding" in occultation.
    The Sunnis think he will rock up with Jesus at the Second Coming.

    Due to their habit of deciding who is a good Muslim or not, which is really Allah's job, IS are actually closer in doctrine to an early sect called the Khawarij, who are widely regarded as raving heretics.
    AQ were theologically orthodox, but extreme in practice. They think IS are off the reservation.
  15. As I pointed out earlier, the problem is not in the congregations, but in the pulpit.
    When the imams are a bunch of culture shocked, non English speaking reactionaries being paid by Gulf money, then the message they will spread is not one we want. Unless the State exerts the same level of control over the mosques as it does over the Church, then the problem will continue.