Asymmetric warfare, terrorism, and Daesh.

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Resasi, Jul 26, 2016.

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  1. Nothing surprising. It got carried away, and tried to establish a hard physical presence without the means to defend it, and without the wit to avoid making enemies.
    Once steamrollered into the ground, it will go back to urban insurgency and internet based subversion, working to build up a presence in failed states and uncovered areas.
    Classic Maoist insurgency tactics, but let down by overambition and greed.
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  2. @HectortheInspector

    That's what I have always struggled to understand about DAESH, was that they failed to appreciate that the minute they fixed themselves to territory; they become more vulnerable than they were.

    There was always an inevitability that the "caliphate" would be rolled up; sooner or later, with higher or lower costs of human life. Unless, i suppose you deeply and truly believed in the apocalyptic narrative and that truly you were on the cusp of the wave of history.

    (God Willing) ان شاء الله

    Just doesn't seem to cover it, that they would remain and expand in the face of almost universal opposition in the local area. No matter how much dodgy finance they received, or foreign fighters turned up.

    It does seem on a par with Nazi Germany, a historical incident which had to have the perfect storm to do what it did.
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  3. It's a reactionary millenial death cult using Communist revolutionary tactics.
    The leadership are all wannabe warlords and the footsoldiers are ambitious nihilistic losers who are looking for divinely sanctioned rape and pillage.

    They are trying to repeat the early Islamic conquests using exactly the same terror methods as succeeded in the middle ages.
    Sadly, things have moved on a bit, and psycho death violence isn't the solution it used to be.

    As a nation state it's a busted flush, but as a revolutionary creed for the poor and stupid it has great attraction.-it is this centuries equivalent of Marxism-Leninism.

    The attraction is for the useless who want the chance to be Conan the Barbarian and seize whatever they can by force or die gloriously doing so.
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  4. Perhaps we actually ought to encourage all those with that kind of mindset to head for Syria & Iraq - even pay their air fares.
    That way, they're in one place & easier to fix & eliminate without the usual legal niceties.
    Heck, dropping a JDAM on each & every one is far cheaper than a trial & subsequent incarceration. :D
  5. Once over there, they certainly should not be allowed back.
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  6. What has been established by CCTV footage is the extent that some of the public were rallying around and trying to defend both themselves, and others against the attackers when they left the vehicle. Also how difficult it can be when it is not just a lone attacker, but as in this case three.

    Any lone member of the public trying to assist a victim of attack was in much greater danger from the three than they would have been against one, it was only when the attackers went against a group that the group could effectively begin defending themselves.
  7. There's no global shortage of loser wannabes. That is the problem. IS tells them 'Join us, and BE someone.'
    If they hadn't been mass murderers would any of these blokes have ever amounted to anything? Would their faces ever have troubled the internet except their own Facebook pages? Now, they are famous. Dead, but famous.
    It's a version of our celebrity culture. Perhaps we could have a televised "Jihadi Brother" and lock them all in a big house and let them blow themselves up based on viewers voted
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  8. Well, one of their propaganda videos was a rather perverted version of that; where boys got to hunt captives through a house killing them with different weapons.

    Just when you think that they have hit rock bottom, they manage to go lower.
  9. They have managed to produce a large variety of ways that demonstrate just how perverted and sick both they and their version of Islam is and why society in general must isolate and remove them.

    ( Apparently the lowest point is probably 'whale sh*t' a favourite expression of my very first course sergeant, but lowest human is now Cameron. James Cameron just in case various members interject another.
    James Cameron Now at Ocean's Deepest Point )
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  10. 'Of course once I found out what they were really like I thought they were terrible. I just want to come back now.’
    ‘I hate ISIS’ Briton dubbed ‘Jihadi Jack’ denounces Daesh after fleeing terror-held area

    The parents ‘want nothing to do wth him’ but sent him money.

    He made big efforts to go and join them after knowing what they were what they were doing and what they stood for. As for being put into prison three times by daesh that simply does not sound believable given how they behave. They simply killed anyone who disagreed with them.

    Joined them in 2014 and still alive today sounds as though he was an active member until daesh began to crumble and is now trying to make out he is blameless.
  11. 'Jihadi Jack's is an interesting one. White Brit jihadis and their non-Muslim parent sponsors do fly in the face of the mass grave merchants who think we can deport/fight our way out of the problem.

    I don't care what the Kurds do with him. I'd find his story more convincing if he'd tried to leave a few years ago, not when IS are being rolled up.

    No doubt they'll be other Western fighters in Syria putting their transfer papers in atm.
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  12. I thought they burned them ceremoniously when they joined?

    But then I suppose they are just applying for replacements...which just sometimes they don’t get back. Much to their surprise.

    It had been done previously.
    British Jihadists Stripped Of Nationality

    But then some don’t get the message.
    Abu Hamza’s son stripped of British passport after waging  jihad in Syria
    Brit stripped of his UK citizenship after fleeing to Syria to join jihadi-linked group

    But of course some left wing papers think that doing that is quite barbaric.
    British terror suspects quietly stripped of citizenship… then killed

    I think if a poll were taken the last option could well be the one voted as most likely to be the best solution to the problem.
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  13. Yep.

    Seen it in several videos where foreign fighters apparently burn their passports.

    This French one was a particularly good example -
    ماذا تنتظرون
    "What are you waiting for?".

    From memory the bloke with the AK and Sword clearly had problems reading the cue card as he delivered his testimony renouncing the "dunya" (world)
    في سبيل اللة (in the path of Allah - "fi sabilillah") in a rather halting manner.

    Ally look, but thick as fook.
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  14. I remember it well. There was a purely Arabic language video where a group of excites chaps made a little bonfire from their Arab nation passports.

    I was reminded recently of a couple of EU language videos where a troupe of reverts taunted the West into meeting them at Dabiq. Remember that place? With the Caliphate being wound up after 3 years, what has been achieved and what will be people remember in 3 years?

    They probably would've been creating diplomatic links & been recognised as a state by a few countries by now if they hadn't let their PR been organised by the cruelest oddballs to seep out of Europe in centuries.

    If you were inclined to support jihad, I would ask what has been achieved to further the aims of jihad since 9/11? America's greatest revenge will be Iranian flags flying from the Indian ocean all the way to the Med.
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