Asymmetric warfare, terrorism, and Daesh.

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Resasi, Jul 26, 2016.

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  1. There's some serious shit ongoing in the Philippines aswell, Marawi City is under attack of Islamists, 200.000 inhabitants, images of burning police stations and IS styled armed people patrolling the streets
    Troops clash with terror groups in Marawi City

  2. skid2

    skid2 LE Book Reviewer

    Swap radicalised for 'programmed or conditioned' there are a lot of easy targets once you start looking and you know what you're looking for.
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  3. One sincerely hopes that that sort of behaviour does not begin here.

    We have seen with the London riots seen how quickly violent and destructive civil disorder can escalate, and, with a very much smaller minority being the main participants.

    Some areas in the UK are up to 30% of the local population being Muslim.
    Number of UK Muslims exceeds three million for first time

    Sadly this sort of attack although predicted and looked out for is very hard to completely prevent.
    Manchester terror WAS planned: ISIS cheerleaders tweeted on arena attack hours BEFORE bomb

    Terror in Manchester: 3,500 potential terrorists & 400 ISIS fighters back from Syria in UK
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  4. All those words suggest the subject was somehow made into what he became through the actions of others.
    It's typical of the blame culture foisted upon us by the left.
    Most of these bastards know exactly what they're doing & they do it through choice.
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  5. Once heard it described as "magical thinking" in that these people believe that their thoughts and actions will actually can bring about effects in the world .
    Children and the mentally unbalanced mostly use this, which explains a lot.
  6. skid2

    skid2 LE Book Reviewer

    Of course they do, it's the way their little Muslim brains are wired. Not being like the rest of us humans whereas many of us can be mentally ill and psychologically disposed towards suicide.

    Muslims from their very teaching in the Quoran have no on off switch. It is the sole job of their Imams to convince those who enter the mosque, that the way forward and the only true path to spiritual enlightenment ( and double figure virgins) is to kill themselves and as many unbelievers as possible.

    As we have seen, the spectre of Islam is growing all over the world, it is the fastest growing religion ever and all they want to do is kill other people. Which is why you can't move for body parts of young and really keen true believers. These are the ones who can't contain themselves and are in such a hurry to get to paradise they tend to go off early.
    'Was that thunder'?
    'No just another, premature suicide bomber'.
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  7. What is happening is that arrests are being made, and some, who have been under surveillance/and implicated, are being reeled in.

    Probably something that is required to reassure the public. Part of the problem being the the amount of evidence required to hold anyone for any length of time has to be considerable.

    There are freedoms and rights, in this country that took centuries to obtain. Though valued, and possibly taken for granted, by many, they are being exploited and treated with both contempt, and as weaknesses by enemies who have recently arrived.

    Enemies who follow a creed/political agenda/religion that is both supremacist, intolerant, and proudly dictates that they alone shall be supreme over all others.

    And if any were to question it...or what might be done we, and our society will be blamed.
    'You have no answers!' Radio host shuts down professor who blames terror on Brit society

    That we remain under attack there is not doubt.
    Britain targeted – Intelligence agencies foil five attacks in two months after Westminster

    But it would appear that at least some of those who have had the task of leading the Defence against the present dangers of muslim jihad extremists, are, and have been considering measures that address the problem in a far more dynamic and direct way than has been till now. This is not the ranting of some extremist crackpot, but someone with the most detailed knowledge of the dangers faced by the public of this country and who has had the task of trying to deal with it as it escalates.

    The expulsion of known enemies and the internment of high risk individuals. Although costly, the high cost already incurred monitoring these people has climbed exponentially. It is an extreme and controversial step, but has been used by various countries and would be taking the fight to the enemy, for self declared and deadly enemies some of these people are, who are abusing our freedoms and the sanctuary this country affords them while they plot their obscene schemes to randomly kill innocent men women and children.
    Colonel Kemp backs deporting those on watch lists: 'What's the cost of a human life?!'
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  8. There is now an increasing demand that the elephant in the room be named and confronted.

    Put another way...
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  9. Tragedy in London as van and knife attack by three Jihadis causes carnage. Police response was extremely rapid, eight minutes, however they could not stop these attackers before they had killed. All three attacker were shot dead by armed response units. London’s anti-terrorist units, the SAS and all armed officers are now on high alert.

    These attacks were promised by daesh and they are happening. The police and anti-terrorist units however cannot be everywhere, the public now has to be much more aware that this type of vehicle attack, and knives as well as bombs, can happen at any time, and at any place

    What’s most difficult for people, to grasp is the sporadic unpredictable nature of the attacks. It’s not as if it’s just happening in malls, in buses, or restaurants. It can happen any and everywhere, and can’t be predicted.

    Not everyone is going to be able to actively counter a random knife attack, but a heightened sense of awareness will now have to be exercised, difficult in a population that is simply not used to anything like this.

    The video shows how one might possibly see trouble coming as we know know these random attacks have been planned and are being carried out. They do however seem to happen near major landmarks as if to highlight where these attack are happening. Unfortunately in London significant an easily recognisable landmarks are everywhere.

    Unlike some knife attacks these have only one purpose: to maim and kill. Escape is a priority and or fighting protectively with anything available to hand. Rapid response from many bystanders with chairs, bottles, umbrellas, belt buckles, bags, briefcases, in a crowd mobbing attack might help, but awareness also that this could hinder any police marksman responding from getting a clear shot at the attacker, so if a police marksman comes to the scene a rapid dispersal must be made to avoid collateral damage and allow them to engage.

    This personal increased awareness and vigilance is now a neccessity, as grim and unpleasant as that is. It may well become another facet of our lives like the massive security at airports, searching of bags at large gatherings, and increased surveillance that terrorism has inflicted upon us.

    A positive feature, if there is one, has been the speed at which the police and emergency services are presently responding to these attacks.

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  10. Compare the speed that Amaq got out a claim of responsibilty regards London.

    They are already saying that Islamic State fighters are attacking the Khomeni shrine and Majlis building in Tehran.

  11. DAESH appear to have excellent links to the attackers;

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