Asymmetric warfare, terrorism, and Daesh.

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Resasi, Jul 26, 2016.

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  1. You appear to be mis-informed. There is a new narrative in town.
    "Not all muslims are terrorists, but all terrorists are muslim."
    That is the newest line in trendy Alt-facts. You need to report to Pennsylvania Avenue for immediate re-education.
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  2. Thanks Boumer.
    Voila thanks to Boumer and some research you have an answer...which may or may not suit you.

    16% would seem not to equate to a 'Fair few.’ Of course not all are known. The concern originally voiced by various organisations before we got sidetracked remains. The increased threat due to returning Jihadists from a shrinking daesh Caliphate who have been instructed to carry on the war against the unbelievers... nationality, skin colour, country of birth, original country of origin, all pretty irrelevant...professed belief/religion/creed a key point. They profess this to be Islam
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  3. That narrative seems a bit lacking. But ok, if that the norm now I'll comply.

    In my mind I just need to stick some beards and a burka on these folks:

    After all, they have that "love" for the jews in common :-D
  4. And of course unbelievers also include those coconut bounty bar "Muslims" who did not make hijrah (emmigrate) to the caliphate as they did.

    This is why Takfir (or excommunication) is viewed as such a dangerous concept by all except violent extremists (who find it quite helpful).

    Not suggesting @Resasi you do this, but this is why I got so depressed watching people systematically alienate a community which (a) is at threat like the rest of the UK, and (b) is a natural source of intelligence to assist to defeat the threat.
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  5. I'm not sure the miserable looking female would look good in a beard - but then I'm not a Muslim.......
  6. Indeed.

    Violent extremists using Telegram for nefarious purposes.... oh wait, they're (very) white. No one appears interested..... how odd.

    Exklusiv: Wie das BKA Telegram-Accounts von Terrorverdächtigen knackt - Motherboard

    Not being a German speaker, I relied on Google translate; but even that was fascinating.
  7. Got it.

    It's about the radical Moose Lambs.

    I feel better already.

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  8. I'd say that 16% is a fair few. I've seen the figure 25% bandied around in relation to French converts involved with IS and mainly white in origin.

    You continue to push the theory that the only thing that Islamist terrorists have in common is Islam; it's obviously difficult for you to consider any other factors or you are wilfully ignoring information which may lead you off your most comfortable path.

    All Islamist terrorists are Muslim. That's not difficult to say. But what attracts a 20 yo white lad to convert to a form of Islam that most Muslims don't follow? Is it the shape of his skull which makes him a natural Islamist terrorist? Or could there be a complicated series of factors which include transition periods in his life, poor economic conditions, personal ambition, fraternity and excitement? If the sole indicator that someone was going to be a terrorist was that they were a Muslims, then why aren't most Muslims terrorists?

    I think Boumer is far too kind to you. I think that you do contribute to a general atmosphere of bigotry against Muslims which is harmful and pollutes the online space. Islamist groomers spend a lot of time and energy convincing their targets that the West/the white neighbours don't understand them / hate them and they might as well be sharing URLs of your comments as evidence.
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  9. Without being too flippant.
    Looking at movements like Nation of Islam - formed during an active 'civil rights' awareness in 60s USA, various MENA minorities in western Europe, notably France, Germany, Holland, ethnic minorities in Britain, anyone feeling some social exclusion (ginger haired!) can get some empowerment from rediscovery or diving into the muslim convert pool.
    Respec' innit!
    Because with many of the more extremist ones that have made it to our screens through their notoriety I can't think of any who I would consider spiritually at peace with themselves and their god or have an empathy with other people content with their faiths or humanity.
    But if it gives you some assumed supremacy over a society you feel disconnected/alienated from, supremacy over the opposite sex (who were those a few years ago that wanted to bomb 'those slags in nightclubs'?) a right to ignore laws which you consider you don't have to adhere too - don't do alcohol, I'm a muslim: dope, drugs? whaddya want? Gangsta!
    If it gives some teenage muslim youth in a northern town justification to voice his opinion piece to camera re Valentines Day - 'I would advise yooo,(society?) not to indulge in this blah blah' (And I would 'advise you' to STFU - if you had a fit bird and a social life outside of your religious indoctrintrination you'd probably not set foot in a mosque again.

    I guess one of the saddest things is that when many of their ancestors left the lands of their birth, whilst many did for purely economic reasons, many more did to get away from a stultifying religious environment into more progressive societies.
    Collectively, no-one needs dragging backwards. I wasn't particularly aware of any violence between various factions when there was a smaller demographic (even during e.g the war in Bangladesh) but now we'll likely see the increase in sectarian violence, be it Ahmaddis, ex muslims, anti semitic policies and non muslim secular society.
    Whether terrorist or gangsta you get your time in the spotlight and societies are induced to listening to 'you' - even if you've got nothing to contribute.
  10. or from thy words thou shalt be declared righteous, and from thy words thou shalt be declared unrighteous

    It would certainly seem from both you comments above, and from you signature on that post, that I am both polluting on line space with offensive bigotry...and that my words declare me as unrighteous from Mathew 12.37 in the Bible.

    I have posted on a thread concerning the ongoing asymetric warfare/terrorist atrocities being carried out by daesh Islamic extremists in Europe and the present concerns that we in the West are facing. And by doing so, you feel that I am contributing to this situation.

    It appears that to raise these concerns, in your opinion, exacerbates the situation. Should they simply not be mentioned? And if so why, as it seems that ignoring, glossing over, pretending that it simply is not happening is not sorting out the problem at all. It seems to me that by ignoring the problem, or, being politically correct and simply not mentioning it has not helped so far.
  11. The subject of Islamism and Islamist terrorism in the EU is a very urgent and important topic. It should be discussed openly and widely with no holds barred; openness about the situation, imo, is key to implementing strategies for reducing the threat and defeating the enemy.

    Do you feel that your contributions on the subject are well informed and beneficial? It seems that you are keen on verbose posts which conclude that the problem is Islam and Muslims. If you think that is contributing positively to the situation, then let me tell you that you are not. I might be wrong, but the unstated solution that you appear to be leading people to is one where Muslims as a whole are ejected from the EU.

    What do you think about the government's Prevent strategy? Do you think that is too politically correct, namby pamby or doesn't go far enough?
  12. In a thread which is specifically concerned with daesh and asymmetric warfare by acts of terrorism within Europe I do bring up matter which is specific to Islamic extremism. That is what the thread is about. You feel my posts are verbose, your privilege, but that hardly pertains to the thread or matter in hand.

    I do try to contribute to the forum in a meaningful manner. For example if one were to examine your profile and have a look and the informative ratings you have, then examine mine, one might be able to get some idea which of us is considered by those who are members of ARSE as a member who posts informative contributions

    I agree 100% with what you say, therefor try and be coy about the subject is what is being attempted here, but,this appears to bother you...strange in light of what you say, but appear not to mean.

    I feel that the Government, and various concerned security department's efforts to date have been amazingly effective, and have prevented many acts of terror that could have resulted in many casualties.

    It is an ongoing balancing act between doing away with freedoms that have taken Centuries to achieve in this country, and not allowing the depravities that have torn the Middle Eastern countries apart in a fratricidal war of Muslim upon Muslim to spill over and develop here.

    Daesh are being driven out of Syria and Iraq. They have promised to bring terror to Europe. That threat has to be taken seriously, and would seem a subject for discussion in current affairs. Daesh are Muslim extremists, and Islam their declared belief. Islam would therefor seem to be a pertinent factor in this thread.

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  13. It might be helpful if people were clear when they talked about Islam and when Islamism

    And if people say they are one and the same, they are quite wrong and have clearly not been paying attention.

    (I might suggest Islamic is an unhelpful term as it leave me unsure whether some is talking about Islam or Islamism).

    I know that is a bit 'first year undergraduate when I doubt deny all terms and definitions', but it really does help make a complex debate less confusing.
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  14. Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi self proclaimed leader of daesh is reported by intelligence sources to have abandoned Mosul leaving fewer than 3,000 Sunni militants to defend it. After Mosul was captured by daesh, al-Baghdadi led Friday prayers at Mosul’s Great Mosque and proclaimed himself caliph —emperor of the world’s Muslims.

    At the height of its power daesh controlled large expanses stretching from northern Syria to the outskirts of Baghdad. Following al-Baghdadi’s public appearance in Mosul, the US set up a joint task force aimed at killing or capturing him. Still operational it includes representatives from the Armed Forces, National Security Council, and Intelligence Community.

    US-backed Iraqi troops, Shiite militias and Kurdish forces have launched massive operation to recapture Mosul and drive out daesh. They have reclaimed much of eastern Mosul this year, and are preparing an advance on the western half of the city.

    US and Iraqi intelligence sources report al-Baghdadi has not been public heard from since November last year. It is thought he has left the city and hiding near the Iraqi-Syrian border. Intelligence indicates daesh online activity has fallen to around half of what it was in 2014 and has reportedly lost around three thousand members with around two and a half thousand remaining to defend what they still hold onto.

    Daesh top strategist Syrian Abu Mohamed al-Adnani, one of daesh’s recognised leaders, at the heart of a sophisticated propaganda and recruitment machine produced slick videos and sustained a huge social media presence. Reportedly involved in the organisation of high-profile attacks in the West that killed hundreds in Paris, Brussels and Istanbul. His message was if you cannot bomb or shoot, meet alone with an infidel bash their skull in with a rock, slaughter with a knife, run over with your car, throw off a cliff, strangle, or inject with poison.

    It is thought that as daesh has contracted, many have either deserted, or been sent back to countries they came from with specific orders to try and ensure the groups survival underground and carry the fight on. As daesh’s last major hold-out contracts so does the possibility of an increase in their activities abroad, and a good reason for the ongoing vigilance by security services
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  15. Last major stronghold in Iraq. Still hold Raqqa in Syria plus places like Deir al-Zor (Deir ez-Zor, also spelled Deir Ezzor, Deir Al-Zor, Deir-al-Zour, Dayr Al-Zawr, Der Ezzor, Deir Azzor, Deirazzor) plus they have considerable freedom of movement in much of south eastern Syria still. Where al-Baghdadi has gone, nobody can confirm but believed Deir al-Zor or thereabouts.