Asymmetric warfare, terrorism, and Daesh.

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Resasi, Jul 26, 2016.

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  2. Other than religion... a desire to kill.

    If only 1% of Muslims were terrorists, and Islam had approximately 23% of the worlds population or around 1.57 billion people that still leave a fair few around.

    There are of course many terrorist organisations of differing causes and religions around the world however a large percentage of these will be from the larger groupings.

    At the present time current events are concerned with conflict, refugees, uncontrolled immigration into the West and terrorist events in Europe, the last major ones have all had a common theme, and that has been and remains religion...and a particular religion.

    It is a natural desire and need for any Government to protect the country’s native population. The desire for authorities to control immigration, to ensure the assimilation of other nationalities that come here, and to concentrate efforts on where potential problems exist and can spread, is a duty that is owed to it’s inhabitants.

    There are those who feel that ‘profiling’ is incorrect and unfairly targets, but if statistics indicate a particular group is responsible for any particular anti-social activity then logic alone dictates scrutiny in that direction.

    What has been of note in the unfortunate events in the Middle East that has precipitated the present heightened concerns with daesh/terrorism/and security has been the fact that some of the wealthiest Muslim countries have taken very few of the refugees arguing that to do so would risk terrorism. Indeed how many Muslim countries have opened their door to Christian refugees fleeing the conflict.

    When the West sees woman treated in the manner that has been all too evident, both in the conflict countries, and, then in their own countries by refugees, children being recruited and taught that it is their religious duty to kill, then a heightened sense of caution will become evident, and their suspicions will be directed in a particular direction.

    It has been and is being openly stated by daesh that they see it as their duty to come to Europe and take revenge, that they will infiltrate, recruit and cause mayhem death and destruction, in these circumstances it will result in many regarding religion as being a major cause of security concern.
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  3. From what you've written, it seems like you have a general dislike of Muslims in general, rather than just Islamist terrorists. That doesn't come across very well.

    You focus on religion like that is the main defining feature of people involved in Islamic terrorism. Like I said before, if religion was the main factor then wouldn't you expect to see far more Muslims becoming involved in terrorism, rather than tiny percentages? What about the backgrounds of the people who got involved, their gender, their levels of education, their vulnerabilities, their geographical connections, etc... There are so many potential variables that to just say 'Muslims are terrorists' is meaningless and makes it look like you don't understand what the problem actually is.

    You focus on immigration but how does that square with the issue of converts who become terrorists? You probably have a problem with immigration but that isn't the same issue as terrorism. You shouldn't conflate the two.

    What do you mean about profiling? As far as I know, all terrorists are looked at rather than people in general.

    You highlight the double standards in the ME about treatment about refugees and the oppression of Christians. No objection there but since when did we compare ourselves to countries in the ME? Are you suggesting we should act like ME countries to assert our moral authority? Not sure you've thought that one through.
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  4. KSA for twenty odd years will do that to some. Never could understand why anyone who hated the place and people stayed.
  5. What I don't understand is what the 'anti-Muslim monomania' brigade seek to achieve by promoting this stuff online. Whats the end state for trying to stoke grievances online? It wouldn't be so bad if it wasn't based mainly on misunderstandings, lack of understanding and just sheer ignorance and bigotry.
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  6. It seems to come across to you, I have a distrust of what I consider to be an intolerant political creed/religion that proudly declares itself as being unchanged from centuries ago, in that you are quite correct. If does not sit well with you that is your problem. As individuals, you are mistaken.

    You infer that this is not the case.

    The two are inextricably entwined no matter what you might wish. Converts who become terrorists are most likely from families who immigrated more recently, and from those who have failed, or not wished to assimilate, in many cases, for religious reasons.

    Disingenuous, I think most on the Forum including you know exactly what is meant by security profiling.

    Actually what it does is to highlight the double standards of both the Muslim countries engaged in the oppression of Christians and the treatment of refugees, and the complaints and behaviour of Muslim refugees in the host countries who have taken them in. The fact is that the Western European countries have not acted like ME countries, and by doing so, have exposed themselves to a real and ongoing danger. Points that many will definitely be thinking through.

    The promotion on-line of a huge amount of recruitment material by Jihadists is a known fact, what is difficult to understand about that? It consists of the airing of grievances, the promotion of terrorism and the supremacy of a particular religion that openly states it’s intention to eliminate all others. It is based upon misunderstandings sheer ignorance and bigotry. You posed the question?
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  7. Not all Muslims are Islamists; to see Muslims as one monolithic bloc is usually the result of ignorance, bigotry or Islamism itself.

    The defining feature of these terrorists in many cases is their age, cultural background, age transitional periods in their
    lives, vulnerability, etc... There are so many more Muslims that don't have those same circumstances and as a result
    only have a shared religion, which doesn't mean much. Unless you have a fixation which inflates the importance of religion alone.

    Your assessment of converts is garbage. Most of the white converts have British ancestors as far backs as records go. In fact, if you were to look at who has carried out or planned to carry out attacks in the UK, most have been born here and immigration, especially recent immigration under Labour, has not been a factor.

    I'm not being disingenuous about security profiling; maybe I don't understand you right. Are you saying that investigations against people are canned to meet a spurious political reason?
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  8. How many ‘white’ converts in relation to total numbers of ‘British’ who have gone over there?
  9. A fair few. Same for other nationalities, especially yanks, Canadians and Frogs. How does that sit with your narrative?
  10. Pretty vague.
  11. I suppose if some information contradicts your deeply held views, is too difficult to make any sense of and undermines your narrative then you should just ignore it and hope that everyone else forgets that it ever got bought up.
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  12. Seems to apply equally for you.
  13. Yeah, I can't handle opposing view points and the thought of testing various ideas against new information just isn't for me. Give me monomania any day.
  14. Converts to Islam account for 16% of Islamist terrorist offenders between 1998 and 2015 according to a recent study.

    Islamist Terrorism: Analysis of Offences and Attacks in the UK (1998-2015)

    Their IC code cannot be inferred from previous religion - at least of one Lee Rigby's killer came from a "Christian" family but was black.

    With 76% of offenders previously known to authorities, and 44% linked to a proscribed organisation (*cough * Al Muhajiroun), I suggest they are better warning markers than ethnicity

    Adam Al-Amariki was originally of Jewish origin, but later went on to be a spokesperson for AQ as outline in the below link.

    (He made one of my favourite lectures, "Though Art only accountable for thyself" - cracking bit of propaganda, seperating jihad from the communal and law bound warfare in defence of Islam to an individual obligation where one does not have to seek any permission. Absolutely the opposite of what the lessor jihad was traditionally taught to be.


    The white man’s jihad

    Of course all this is the ones in public domain. Who knows how many have not been reported for whatever reason, and are yet to be brought before a court.

    This of course relates to Islamist terrorist offenders. Other flavours of political violence are available.
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