Asylum seekers/Imigrants should do National Service

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by geniusatwork, Dec 13, 2005.

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  1. Don't you think that it would be a good idea to have Asylum seekers/Imigrants to do some kind of National Service if they want to move here?

    1. It would reduce the number of imigrants wanting to come to Britain.
    2. Would boost the numbers in the Armed Services. (some may even stay on to make it a career)
    3. Government couldn't argue about the cost of it, because we're probably paying more in keeping them in the detention centers.
    4. Would stop the ones that just come over here for the 'Free' housing and benefits, again saving tax payers money.
    5. It would teach them all about being British'

    There's probably many more resons why this would be a good idea.

    What are other peoples views on this?

    P.S. This is a story I was told a few months ago which I couldn't quite belive.

    Worked with a woman on a site a few months ago who was selling her car through the local newspaper freeads. A chap of ethnic origin who had been living in this country for about 3 months came to see her car and decided that he liked it and would buy it from her. He told her that he would return the following day with a cheque for £4,000. On his return produced the promised cheque, not a personal cheque but a cheque for £4,000 from the social services. The woman who was selling the car found this a bit odd so she rang the social services and their reply was, "Yes, yes, the cheque is from us, the gentleman requires the car to seek employment".

  2. Cow

    Cow LE

    Ok, so any person entering the UK would be able to joing the Forces? Most Asylum Seekers/ Imigrants have little if no documentation... Very few have checkable backgrounds. Security problems possibly?
  3. I can't get F**king £4,000 from the dole to buy a car to hunt for a job and I pay taxes here! What the F**k is going on?

    Can we get proof of this? Copy of the cheque and prove it's been paid?

    Bet the F**ker hasn't got a license or insurance
  4. Being an immigrant myself, I see this idea as perfectly legitimate. But there should be an exception for white people, because they are more likely to get real jobs and less likely to rape women and stage human sacrifices. Except the Jews, because they killed Jesus, of course.
  5. On that topic, it would probably be a good idea to make everyone do national service for a while regardless of whether you're an asylum seeker or not.
  6. Language problems? Cultural problems? National service for all? How would the chavs cope?
  7. Precisely, they'd all die, leaving considerably more money in the Governments coffers (not that that'll matter itll just be wasted anyway).
  8. Low tech demining ops :?: :twisted:
  9. That would also mean taking immigrants of a certain age 17 - 32.

    A short 3 year contract to prove their mettle (at least 2 op tours should be guaranteed).

    Yes I am warming to the Idea. Get them to learn a trade that is needed in civvie street and Bobs your uncle (or Achmed or whatever. All are welcome!). After 5 years of keeping their nose clean in civvie street, read no criminal offences (bar parking fines perhaps) and an excellent service record, and you may apply for citizen ship. Two years later you're in!

    You may now ask your wife and 2 dependants to join you after providing proof that you can support them. 8 years should give them plenty of heads up to start learning a basic grasp of English which shall be tested at point of entry after the medical.

    If they sign on again after the first 3 years they get to stay as well provided they have not spent the previos 2 years in the glasshouse.

    Anyone slotted on one of the 2 op tours becomes an honorary Brit i.e. buried in their country of origin in a UJ covered coffin and medal for the family.

    Manpower dramas. What’s that?

    Young, fit, educated immigrants with healthy spouse and offspring all with a grasp of English and a marketable skill. Well the bloke has anyway.

    Would also put pay to
    “Fecking immigrants all they do is scab off us”
    “I dunno, my oppo in Wipebuttestan was from ‘insert 3rd world dung pile’and he was a good bloke. He’s now an ‘insert skilled trade’. Bringing his wife over in 3 years!”
  10. Herrenbloke - is that you????? Care to back that story up or would you rather listen to my story about a man in a red suit who is going to deliver presents to your gaff on 25th December???

    As for the military service idea... There are a couple of types of immigrants...
    1) genuine asylum seekers who are trying to get away from dangerous situation in their home - why put them through military service?...
    2) failed asylum seekers who should be deported (blame your government if that's not happening)...
    3) economic migrants - but we only take the ones who have some sort of skill that suits us, so why waste time putting them through military service....

    Nah, crap idea...

  11. OR

    My oppo in Wipebuttestan was an alright bloke, but he didn't want to be there at all. He had no motivation, I spent more time checking on him than I did doing my own job and he spent half his time whingeing that he hadn't seen his wife and kids for 2 and a half years.
  12. My 0.29 Euro’s:

    I’m not in favour of military conscription in any case. Conscripts are generally less motivated than volunteers, most of them don’t want to be in uniform, they just want to do their time with the minimum effort and get out as soon as poss. Some find they like the life, but they’re few and far between. I’ve got a couple of German mates who tell me that was the norm when they did their national service, and it’d probably be the same for British conscripts. Social attitudes are not the same as they where in the 1940’s and 50’s.

    The British forces are so small there days that there’s no room for anyone who won’t pull their weight. Better one regular than ten conscripts.

    There is, or should be, a difference between immigrants and asylum seekers. An immigrant is someone who wants to become a citizen of our country, an asylum seeker is someone who is being offered protection from repression in their country and should (in theory) return there if the regime changes for the better.

    I don’t think that any state has the right to demand service from native citizens, because none of us choose where we are born. We volunteered to join up, nobody forced us. A state could reasonably demand service from an immigrant though, because he does choose to be a citizen and part of the deal could be that he has to give something in return. I wouldn’t want to see them conscripted into the armed forces, but maybe some form of civilian service, like they have in Germany for conscientious objectors, would work.

    Offering citizenship in return for voluntary military service is OK by me. The French do it for Foreign Legionnaires who do at least five years. Do we have anything similar for the Gurkhas?
  13. How about just arming them and parachuting them back into their own countries and let THEM sort their own sh*t out instead of spilling our blood for the ingrates? Just a thought!
  14. Of course by that rational you shouldn't have a right to claim anything off the state either then.
  15. National service in this country would never work and,that's not including the immigrants. This country has turned a very horrible corner. There is very little commitment from all groups in this country. I would have to say it's due to the welfare state we now have in place. The comment about the 4K isn't a joke,it's for real. The other factor is when economic migrants work in this country and decide to go home,they are given a 100% tax rebate on all their wages, However there is no tracing system in place to monitor their exit from the country,so to that end, they get employment elsewhere in the country. This continues until they leave.this was covered in detail in the national papers some time ago.

    I would also like to tell you santa is real I seen him in the shopping mall.