Asylum seekers get free....

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by armourer, Dec 4, 2004.

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  1. In the Express; Asylum seekers get free driving lessons in Great Yarmouth.

    Bearing in mind this useless Government of ours own figures say that at least 80% of Asylum seekers are bogus scrounging parasites why are they being given free driving lessons. freebies
    Scrounging scum.....freebies.....thanks blair you tosser.
  2. :x :roll:

    agent smith
  3. ? What next the Car that goes with the lessons!!!!! What happened to DEPORTATION.?????? Blind Pugh!!!??? 8O :( :x
  4. Now you know that is not politically correct in this day and time, get a human rights group crawling up your arrse with a microscope calling you racist and in breach of human rights, when you do something? Something like deport someone who has no right to be here in the first place? :twisted:

    And on the subject of getting free driving lessons, a big WTF is in order here.
  5. Why worry about the illegal ones - seems that we just let anyone in legally - indonesian nannies given permanent leave to remain anyone!!!

    Still, I suppose that the driving lessons wil save him having to reroute the ministerial limo, or lending out free rail passes!

  6. A house or flat (rent free), paid council tax, free prescriptions & dental care and pocket money every two weeks for life.
  7. CAn i have free driving lessons??? or how about a free bus pass?

    Ill pretend i cant speak english
  8. If you are an asylum seeker in East Kent you get free cars cos apparently you are to scared to go shopping and spend all of your benefits without one - all courtesey of us tax payers!!! :evil:
  9. if you are one in Exeter, they just got sent home!!! although the flats are open for the next influx!
  10. Beat me to it.

    Food, education, your 'own' shopping area (no exaggerating here - fortunately most of the shops there are now shutting down), the easy option of bringing the spouse, their parents, aunt and uncles and cousins to live free with them, list goes on - but does not include going to work (although some genuine ones here do wish to work but govt stops them). :?:
  11. Nice to see people who know f*ck all about it spouting shit!

    What a load of bollocks - they get house or flats that no other scrounging British bugger will live in, with massive infestation and more damp than Rigsby could ever deal with, in the shittist areas of the worst cities. Then of course there is free prescriptions & dental care and pocket money every two weeks for life, which a lot more scrounging jobless British get, most of them more bone idol than the illegal immigrants.

    Also, the council pays local charities loads a year to run asylum seekers projects, creating jobs for the local community, but this money also funds other projects that deal with homelessness, mental illnesses and supported accommodation for young parents etc.

    End of the day the illegal ones should be going home, but we should be helping the legitimate ones as much as we can, even if this means giving them free driving lessons - so ******* what, doesn't kill to be charitable you bunch of tight fisted cnuts. Some of the stories i have heard would turn your shit white, way i figured it we owe them at least another chance.

    And to think you lot harp on about the Muslims being an uncivilised and relentless race/religion - kettle to pot, come in pot….
  12. Ok so my post was a little exaggerated (apart from the shopping centre part) - but this is the NAAFI! The disclaimer is on the link!

    Anyway - before this turns into a CA post - do not assume all do not know what they are talking about - posters live in different areas and have different experiences to your own. Just because they are not similar to your own does not necessarily mean that they are wrong. Not at all referring to muslims as there are loads of A/S's who are not.

    The reasons for my own post is that members of my own family came over here to work and pay and were given a hard time trying to get even half the benefits AS's get. No they weren't over as a refugee but still the willingness to intergrate into British society should exist on both counts, and should be treated the same when here. Unfortunately this does not happen. The Govt should be more to blame here than the seekers themselves - but, again - this is in my own area - some seekers are now really starting to take the p1ss when it comes to housing, when I know of others who have been on waiting lists for years and keep being put back for this reason alone (coming from the mouth of senior housing mgmt of the local council).

    Shame that all can't be treated as fairly.
  13. Of course, a lot of the illegal immigrants sell half the stuff they get given and get in to all sorts of trouble, but that is the problem - no one makes the definition between the two, legal asylum seekers and illegal economic migrants.
  14. This is generally the case - and as I used to work with Imm Serv I have tried to show both sides..... however.......

    the one far outweigh the other.

    There are far more of the economic migrants than their are of the genuine asylum seekers.....

    But yes, the genuine ones do need/deserve to be helped..... but differentiating (accurately) is not always easy.
  15. Totally true, but the same can be said for job seekers.... My not be exactly the same, but both get freebies off the state at the cost of the tax payer and more than half of them don't deserve it, or try to get off it. I don't mind paying for people who have lost there jobs, everyone stumbles on hard times, but the lazy scuz buckets? No thanks - and it is the same for asylum seekers.