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French fishermen have blockaded the French Channel Ports in protest at their fishing quotas once again being reduced. Given that this is a Europe-wide problem and they are targeting ports which mainly serve the UK Ferries is this yet another example of the UK being Europe's whipping boy?
It's geography my friend - the ports serving Germany, Belgium and Holland are all closed next week.
Markintime said:
Bonzo_Dog said:
It's geography my friend - the ports serving Germany, Belgium and Holland are all closed next week.

The southern French ports aren't being blockaded in the same way as the northern, UK serving, ports.

Probably because the majority of European fishing grounds are to the north of France with significantly fewer to the south. Have a look at the map:

All the indicators are that they are being specifically targeted because they are ferry ports serving the UK. Ferry companies themselves are now threatening to take legal action against the French Government (the French Government will probably ignore the outcome a la BSE beef boycott).
Interesting one this. The French fishermen want consessions from the French Government on fishing quotas. Only problem is that it's the EU that sets the quotas and they are not for turning! Almost feel sorry for the French Gov. as it's their legal responsilibity to keep the ports open, hence their being sued. And sure, they won't pay any compensation anyway. Not the French way! :wink:
I suspect this could lead to bankrupcy for struggling UK hauliers.

Yet again UK plc suffers because of some internal dispute in France.

Would the UK authorities allow British fishermen to blockade Dover?,somehow I doubt it.

* Latest on BBC at 10.00 is that this dispute is over.
Am I being thick :? .............. Just use our Northern ports and circumnavigate the French b astards! 8O
Just sink the French F*ckers..
In the deep and dark memories of Conrad i remember the French Ferry ports being blockaded and an British ferry I seem to remember Viking Valiant, rather apt name, went full tilt at them and they got out of the ships way, just a thought that the next time an internal French problem seems to cause us more strife than it does to France it should be tried again
Yes, after all the ones wanting to go to France can use the big drainpipe, and Belgium I found friendlier and Mrs Conrad likes the chocolate there


Markintime said:
I would like to see the major ferry operators move to Belgian ports. Then the French can have all the disputes they like without affecting British shipping.

Why not and it's not as if it would be too much travelling time the other side.

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